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Pipeline LBM 2022.1

Edit/Split Job BOM Quantity

Pipeline LBM is updated to allow users to modify their Bill of Materials (BOM) before exporting to the Usage Report or Point of Sale application.

Job and Sales Documents

Users can now manage Product Data, SDS, Installation Instructions, and Warranty documents for their Products. These documents can be downloaded for a Job specific submittal package.

Selective Job BOM Export Enhancements

Selecting which Sections a  user would like to export from the Bill of Materials is updated functionality in Pipeline LBM 2022.1

Search and Navigation Enhancements

There are new enhancements to filtering index pages as well as updates to searching functionality within the Job Bill of Materials.

Copy Section Quantities

Users can now copy Job Quantities from one Section to one or many other Sections prior to generating a Job specific Bill of Materials.  This is particularly helpful for multi-family projects.

Applying Section Quantities Enhancements

Pipeline LBM 2022.1 version allows users the ability to select which Sections, containing Section Products, they want to apply to their Job rather than an all or nothing choice.  This offers a better, more efficient  user experience.

  • Pipeline LBM integration with Eagle is enhanced so that the updated Job BOM export file format allows for a more streamlined import process into Eagle.  PLBM-5515
  • Customer and Location fields are updated to include Canadian Provinces in the State/Territories drop down menu.  Washington DC is also listed as a US territory.  PLBM-5316
  • Version 2022.1 added in-app Version Update Notifications to Pipeline LBM. Update notification will appear 2 weeks prior to a new version deployment.  PLBM-5282
  • Users now have the ability to save with blank Saberis Settings.  PLBM-5206
  • The Job BOM Usage Report is updated to have an “Estimated Value” field that is pulled from the Job detail page.  PLBM-5205
  • Access Denied landing page updated with intentional information.  PLBM-5162
  • Pipeline LBM now has the ability to directly edit Job BOM quantities, avoiding complicated estimating logic and Job Quantities (input Quantities) editing, to achieve the desired end Bill Of Materials.  PLBM-5080
  • Additional to the work done in PLBM-5080, this story completes the UI portion of development for the Job BOM Trace feature.  PLBM-5079
  • Copy Subcomponents enhancements for greater user experience.  PLBM-5069
  • Copy Section Quantities enhancements for greater user experience.  PLBM-5068
  • Messaging updates, in Pipeline LBM Uses, better define result of Skip Use Imports.  PLBM-5067
  • Pipeline LBM version 2022.1 includes Job BOM Generation performance enhancement.  PLBM-4927
  • Job Quantities page updates allow a user the ability to select specific Sections that have Section Products to be applied to a Job, rather than all or nothing functionality.  PLBM-4784
  • Version 2022.1 allows for the ability to select which Sections of a Job BOM a user wants to export to a Point-of-Sale export.  This allows the user to manage a Job in parts, rather than as a whole Job only.  PLBM-4783
  • A Job BOM Usage Report can export to PDF for easy printing and usability.  PLBM-4782
  • Improvements to Pipeline LBM include increased performance for all pages related to product lists.  PLBM-4781
  • Subcomponent Multiplier display enhancement allows for full value entry.  PLBM-4746
  • BisTrack BOM Export is updated for better user experience and readability.  PLBM-4601
  • LBM administrators now have the ability to export all Entity libraries on LBM to a Zip file that contains 14 sub CSV files.  PLBM-4562
  • The Spec Set Groups Page is updated with a new column titled “Enabled By”. This allows a representative the benefit of additional information on Spec Sets.  PLBM-508
  • The Job BOM is enhanced to allow a user to search more fields, to easily find a desired product.  PLBM-486
  • Pipeline LBM users are now able to export and import Job details while on the Jobs Index page. This allows for use of a .csv or .xlsx to perform analytics, edit of existing Job details, creation of new Jobs.  PLBM-460
  • Updates have been made to the Spruce Export functionality to consolidate Products with Multiple Usages.  PLBM-373
  • In version 2022.1 users will not have the ability to delete the Pipeline or Planswift Job Quantity Source.  PLBM-259
  • Users can now see where Spec Sets are being used to track down issues more easily in estimating logic and/or Job BOM generation or verify if it is used anywhere.  PLBM-253
  • The Job Details page is enhanced to allow a user to set and see Estimator, Sales Rep, and Estimated value.  PLBM-167
  • The color from Job Status on the Job Index page has been removed.  PLBM-153
  • Job BOM Page updates include the ability to quickly download all selected Product Documents associated with a Job.  PLBM-101
  • Save Page Filters for index pages is now an option, allowing a user to navigate away from a page and back without reapplying filters.  PLBM-98
  • Previously, Admin users would get an error when trying to create new or update existing Users. This is resolved. PLBM-5664
  • Adding and removing Users to and from multiple PLBM sites and environments is now functional without an error message. PLBM-5109
  • XML parameters are updated for better product import capability. PLBM-5092
  • Previously, Job BOM generation had potential for getting stuck in infinite loop and breaking a customer site and environment. This is resolved with product caps within Job BOM and a message displayed when cap is met. PLBM-5581
  • Known issues with BisTrack Tally display – Duplicate Tally Info/quantities has been fixed. PLBM-5482
  • Trace feature is fixed to update after changing Product details. PLBM-5481
  • On the Subcomponents page, when filtering by Category, the Category Product was missing. This is now fixed. PLBM-5476
  • Tally products order is corrected in job BOM. PLBM-5469
  • Job Quantities can now be combined if there is “Unit” field on Quantities page. This is a fix in version 2022.1. PLBM-5416
  • Previously, a user could not drag and drop an item on Category and Section when filtering by field. This is fixed. PLBM-5413
  • Tally XML format updated for BisTrack BOM Export function. PLBM-5333
  • Issue where a user cannot load Subcomponent that has multiple items has been fixed. PLBM-5308
  • A fix to Spec Set loading grid, in version 2022.1, now allows an update to Spec Set with “Is Default” value selected. PLBM-5171
  • Section Product Style is now updated if It’s modified from Product page. PLBM-5149
  • Ajax loading icon has been added after clicking “Generate BOM” to let user know the BOM is generating. PLBM-5066
  • Bulk Product Delete message is updated to eliminate user confusion. PLBM-5065
  • Previously, the Usage Report SKU setting was broken, affecting the Usage Report export. This is fixed. PLBM-5059
  • Users can now successfully download Job BOM Usage Report and related Job documents. PLBM-5004
  • On the Job Quantity Import, on-the-fly Modal scroll issue has been fixed. PLBM-5003
  • On the Job Quantities Page, the drop-down list to select a Section is fixed for Firefox. PLBM-4998
  • On the Job Quantities Page, the drop-down list for Use column is fixed for Firefox. PLBM-5088
  • Pipeline LBM does not allow import or inline editing of invalid calculation or customer data. PLBM-4977
  • The Add Job Quantities modal is fixed to properly store the “Use” when it is set after a Product Quantity has been entered. PLBM-4929
  • An issue where a user cannot filter Status/ Location/ Customer when edit inline a job is fixed. PLBM-4807
  • Large Modal fixes were given to Job Quantities, Section Products, Copy Subcomponents. This resolved inconsistency in pagination display and/or display of Products. PLBM-596