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Pipeline LBM 2022.2

Activity Log

The Activity Log, located within the Settings menu of the  Pipeline LBM Dashboard, allows an Estimator the ability to a view recent activity, version updates, error details, and import/export activity.  This allows Users to stay up to date with PLBM software and also trouble shoot any errors that may occur.

Subcomponent Import/Export Function Updates

The Subcomponent .csv and .xlsx exports have a new column added titled “Show Parent Product”.  This allows a user the ability to bulk manage Subcomponent functionality so that they can more efficiently setup products when using CS EWP and Pipeline LBM.  Subcomponent import validation is updated so that valid entries for the new column will be “Enabled” to turn-on Show Parent Functionality and “Disabled” to turn-off Show Parent Functionality.  If a single product has a mix of Subcomponents with both Enabled and Disabled in the same file we should default to the “Enabled” setting.

Allow CS EWP Import Format

Pipeline LBM users now have the ability to import quantities from CS EWP Studio into PLBM so that all Job Quantities are in one place.  SKU and Length columns concentrated together become the product name with this enhancement.

Entity Import/Libraries Updates

Clients with Product SKU’s that have leading zeros can now fully function within Pipeline LBM.  UI updates have been made to the Entity Library import page.  Use of already existing Excel exports to create and update Products with leading zeros is now available.  This addresses issues with setting up products with a CSV import to Pipeline.

  • Removing Product function removes the original Product from the estimating logic when the Spec Set is enabled. This functionality is added to the New Products section of the New Product Conversion drop down list. PLBM-4747
  • Pipeline LBM 2022.2 allows a user to store the following additional file types on the Job Documents page: .ifc, .swiftjob, .png, .jpeg, .dwg  PLBM-5495
  • Section Name and Section Code are now options to choose to export on Eagle import ready exports.  PLBM-5496
  • Within the User profile, on the Pipeline LBM Dashboard, the support link is updated with a quick link to contact Building Technology.  PLBM-5731
  •  “Contact Support” button and text updates are now added to User help section of Dashboard.  PLBM-6171
  • Sections within the Job Quantities page appear in sort order determined by the Section page of Pipeline LBM.  PLBM-6174
  • Job BOM Expand All functionality has been enhanced to only automatically expand Uses when in the Job BOM Products/Use view. Uses will no longer expand automatically in the Sections/Products/Use view.  PLBM-6175
  • Previously, when creating a new Product on the Sections page, the toast message showing the Product created successfully did not display.  This is now fixed to display a successful message.  PLBM-5667
  • When sending to Saberis, if the root URI field does not match the correct URI value, Pipeline LBM is fixed to display a toast message indicating Saberis was not able to process the Job BOM.  PLBM-5796
  • Pipeline LBM no longer allows the creation of duplicate users when email addresses are matching yet differentiated by upper and lower case lettering.  PLBM will now validate for case sensitivity.  PLBM-5802
  • Bugs in the Calculation have been fixed in version 2022.2.  The Calculation used on a Subcomponent, and triggers BOM generation, is deleted. This is because the Job can not generate the BOM again.  PLBM-5834
  • Previously, integration page updates were not correctly saving.  This is now fixed.  PLBM-5832
  • There were some issues with Import, Export, and Upload Document functions in Pipeline LBM.  Specifically, Export All Subcomponents did not display any data in the Subcomponents Export file, the Import Product loading icon would display without ever loading CSV file, and data would not display after document uploading even though a success message would appear.  These are now resolved.  PLBM-5839
  • Pipeline LBM is fixed to clear Subcomponent data when deleting a Subcomponent Product.  PLBM-5861
  • An example product category was appearing across PLBM production sites.  This has been removed.   PLBM-5908
  • The left side navigation menu, on the Jobs detail page, now remains accessible and consistent when moving between the Jobs pages.  PLBM-5922
  • When generating a Job BOM, products with a quantity of zero are no longer displayed.  PLBM-5924
  • User management within Pipeline LBM is updated and fixed to ensure the following: Only Admin Users can add/edit/ delete Users, deleting a User from 1 Pipeline LBM site does not delete the user from any other claims to any other sites, sites that have Users without a role type should be set to Estimator unless otherwise noted, and User images should appear correctly across the site, where applicable.  PLBM-5946
  • Previously, the CSV BOM export file did not show correct data.  This is fixed so that the BOM CSV export remains current with what was most recently generated.  PLBM-6106
  • The Eagle export file is fixed to reflect the correct format and show full rows for the product.  PLBM-6137
  • Version 2022.2 corrects the Product Documents page to ensure that only valid Product Document Types are displayed.  PLBM-6173