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Pipeline LBM 2023.1.1 & 2023.1.2

  • It was discovered that a blank details page or incorrect product was the result when a Key Measure was selected inside the Quantities or Job BOM page table of Pipeline LBM.  The URL path for the hyperlink of a Key Measure was addressed to make sure that the result is full functionality of Key Measures across Quantities and JOB BOM pages.  Additionally, items set to a Key Measure can now be properly added to a Spec Set. PLBM-8940
  • Profile changes within Pipeline LBM are addressed so that when a User changes their profile information the use license field will not change in Carbonite.  PLBM-8978
  • Previously, import XML with unrecognized Product Quantity could not be mapped to an existing Key Measure. The search function to replace with existing Product would return only the Products. This is now fixed so that the user should be able to replace with existing product or key measure.  PLBM-8986
  • Pipeline LBM users now have the ability to produce as many Job BOM Usage reports, in PDF form, as is needed without receiving an error. PLBM-9029
  • The Subcomponent export function in Pipeline LBM is fixed so that the export matches the Use field set in the UI. This is true for both Products and Key Measures. PLBM-9033
  • Previously, when importing a CSV file to import Styles, the Style Type on the Style Detail page was case sensitive, which resulted in incorrect Style Type data.  This is now resolved by making the Style Type case insensitive when importing to Pipeline LBM. PLBM-9055
  • Incorrect site navigation was found when a user would click on items on the Product and Key Measure Subcomponents pages.  Clicking on either Section, Calculation, or Use Detail in the subcomponents grid would open the corresponding Details page in two separate tabs.  This is now fixed. PLBM-9134
  • Pipeline LBM is fixed so that the Product and Key Measure descriptions are included in the Select Product/Key Measure drop down list on the Worksheet Template and Job Worksheet pages. PLBM-9135
  • The Products index page of Pipeline LBM is addressed to accurately return matching results when filtering by Subs column with a large number. PLBM-9137
  • The PDF print orientation, for the Job BOM Usage export, has been fixed so that the export fits on a standard size sheet of either 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17.  PLBM-9371
  • LBM Users now have the ability to create new Key Measures during the “On-the-Fly” workflow.   This means a new Key Measure from Planswift can be created, via the plus button icon, while staying in the Job workflow.  PLBM-9420
  • Product and Key Measure descriptions are now added in the conversion drop down list for Spec Sets.  This allows additional customer support opportunities and further assists in the implementation process.  PLBM-9421