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Pipeline LBM 2024.1.1

  • Pipeline LBM is enhanced so that the export only shows the Subcomponents for the active page, rather than showing Subcomponents for both Products and Key Measures.  While Subcomponents for export are specific to Product or Key Measure, based on the page the user is working on, import will still allow a combined file format. PLBM – 9118
  • PLBM users are now able to use a multiplier of zero, or a negative number, to manage the estimating logic more precisely within Subcomponents. PLBM-9774
  • It was discovered that, during export to Bistrack and Eagle, the characters “amp;” are added to the keyed character of “&” within the code for export. This is now fixed.  PLBM – 9159
  • Previously, the Job BOM view performance was slow when attempting to expand to view Products in Sections/Products/Uses view.  This is fixed so that data loads accurately with acceptable BOM view load times.  PLBM-9859