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Pipeline LBM 2024.2.0

  • In an effort to improve security, enhance performance, leverage newer technology, and increase application functionality, Pipeline LBM has been upgraded from .Net Core 3.1 to a newer .Net 8 framework.  This upgrade includes the migration of LBM web application, LBM API, LBM Gateway, and Worksheets.  PLBM-9658
  • Pipeline LBM has been updated with the Export All functionality, previously seen on the Playbook page, now housed on the General Settings page.  The Playbook page has been removed from Pipeline LBM to make the application more efficient and user specific.  PLBM-9956
  • Some changes have been made to the Pipeline LBM Jobs status (Open, Submitted, Due) on the LBM Dashboard. Created Date listed no longer displays in red font.  Created Date formatting now matches the Job Index page.  The Detail page will show newly imported Job creation date as the current system date and time. PLBM-10307
  • It was determined that Bistrack requires “amp;” directly after the & character in the code, for Bistrack to read the file correctly.  PLBM-10270