Revit 2019 Releases

Version: 19.6.0

  • Revised licensing system and About dialog.


Version 19.5.1

  • Hotfix: Validating individual object categories during solve to prevent solve failure.


Version 19.5.0

  • Now skipping individual group objects during solve.
  • Added “Disable Analytical Models” command to tools dropdown. This tool disables analytical models for all objects in project.
  • Added “Load Auto Dimension Family” button to the settings dialog.
  • Added “Create Default” primary solve view to the settings dialog.
  • Added “Worksets” tab to Settings dialog. Includes “Preserve Worksets” setting along with table for assigning option rules to Worksets.
  • Added “Export DWG’s” setting to general tab. If not checked, settings related to exporting DWG’s will not be shown.
  • Added “Mirror Project” to solve options sets dialog. When checked, solved Option Set folders/files will be prefixed with “M”.
  • Reorganized the “General” tab in settings dialog.
  • Removed enable/disable of Option Sets based on Export DWG selection in Solve Option Sets dialog. Note: Exported DWG’s will still be limited to export views selected for each Option Set in settings dialog.
  • Removed limited view solving in all solve dialogs (Partial, Project, Option Sets). All “Solve Views” will always be solved for now.
  • Enhanced performance of “Scope Box Select” tool. Note: Tool will now open all applicable project views and leave open after tool is complete.
  • Reorganized user interface.


Version: 19.4.0

  • LotSpec is now compatible with workshared projects.
  • Added second tab to Solve Option Sets dialog for solving used Option Sets/Views.
  • Added Solve History command to view previous solve information including error/warnings.
  • Export Solve View settings removed. No longer needed with addition of Primary Solve View.
  • Fixed issue with Options Panel not reloading after editing Option Selection.
  • Added new Description property for Option Sets. New property can be used in Master Set parameter mapping.
  • Now renaming and re-pathing Master Set Views and CAD Links when Option Set Code edited.
  • Now updating Master Set Mapped Parameters when Option Set Code/Name/Description edited.
  • Now skipping Camera objects when solving scope boxes. This to prevent 3D views from being deleted.
  • Added warning before creating new lotspec.xml file when entering Settings. This for when lotspec.xml is missing rather than starting a new project.
  • Now undoing DWG import during Solve Option Sets when newly created link is invalid. The likely cause of an invalid link is due to an empty DWG file.


Version: 19.3.1

  • Hotfix: Now forcing document regenerate after solving property options. This should ensure 3D graphics reflect property changes.


Version: 19.3.0

  • Added Label Option Rule Errors command.
  • Added Option Rule Error warning to solve dialogs.
  • Option Rule Errors now highlighted in Red in Option Browser.
  • Now prompting user to Find/Replace option rules when Option Code is changed.
  • Interior Auto Dimensions now dimension to rough frame of walls instead of wall finish.
  • Added Exterior Opening Auto Dimension tool for dimensioning to Window and Door Left/Right/Center references.
  • Added Exterior Opening Auto Dims to Option Browser.
  • Added separate Preview Solve command. Now solves in active project and allows for editing with manual undo required.
  • Added Partial Preview Solve to solve for selected Scope Box Options. Only solves Scope Box Options, no other option types.
  • Added Primary Solve View setting.
  • Solve speeds increased for all Solve commands.
  • Speed up loading of Settings and Solve dialogs.
  • Now skipping “Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical System” objects during Scope Box Option solve (moving the system objects cause connected devices to move twice).
  • Now skipping Reference Points (aka Analytical Nodes) during solve.
  • Now skipping stacked wall members during solve (they are taken care of by parent wall).
  • Added time stamp to solve project progress dialog.
  • Added Quick Sheets tool to LotSpec Project Browser for quickly editing sheets.
  • Removed Source/Master project settings. LotSpec will always assume an active project is both Source & Master.


Version: 19.2.1

  • Now skipping Section Boxes during solve for Scope Box options (they were causing solve to error out).
  • Now skipping Edit-In-Place families during automatic interior dimensioning (they were causing solve to error out).
  • Now dimensioning to rough frame of wall for automatic interior dimensions (instead of wall finish).


Version: 19.2.0

  • Added View Template and View Scope Box in Export DWG settings.
  • Now adding (#) as needed to scope box names when saving scope box options (Revit 2019 does not allow duplicate scope box names).
  • Added valid filename check when selecting export views in settings.


Version: 19.1.1

  • Now disabling Export XRAY if Pipeline House Code & Name are not set.
  • Now using Pipeline House Code & Name for XRAY Option Set XML’s instead of Option Set Code & Name.


Version: 19.1.0

  • Now creating “OPTION SELECTIONS” sheets during solve for scheduling selected options.
  • Added “Reload CAD Link Paths” function to “Settings > Utilities” to update CAD paths after project moved.
  • Added browse buttons for Fine/Replace link paths.
  • Revised Find/Replace link paths to show errors in report when done instead of one at a time.
  • Added “Ignore Warnings without Resolutions” setting to allow skipping of noncritical warnings when solving.


Version: 19.0.0

  • Upgrade to Revit 2019.