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Spring 2019.1

RELEASED 4/12/2019

New Features

  • All Building Phase Subcomponents – A product subcomponent can be created under “All Building Phases” of a product to eliminate duplication of setup logic. The product subcomponent page UI is updated to show all subcomponents of a product in one grid. (S-02916, S-02921, S-02951, S-02919, S-03019, S-02998, S-02997, S-03023)


  • Correctly mapped HomeFront-specific house BOMs. (S-02941)
  • Building Phase Rules page title accurately named. (S-02949)
  • House BOM API method updates. (S-02902)
  • Adjusted Approved for Payment page for screens with smaller resolution. (S-02934)
  • Columns added to the job View Purchase Order page to clarify information. (S-02866)
  • Created a method to add a customer to a job. (S-02930)
  • Added the ability to transfer product quantities to a custom option, worksheet, or another option in the Options Product page. (S-02336, S-02925, S-02924)
  • Removed the Expected column from the BIM sources menu in Settings. (S-02349)
  • Added the ability to append a set of Option Products to another option. (S-02356)
  • House details page is updated to allow for custom inputs. (S-02369, S-02950)
  • Added the ability to copy an Option in the Products page. (S-02426)
  • House Option export function changed the way names are created. (S-02458)
  • Improved user experience for import quantities selection on the Jobs navigation bar. (S-02459)
  • CSV and Excel exports contain the same table data. (S-02460)
  • Added a notification message to prevent the creation or update of a job without a selected Lot. (S-02461)
  • Removed size limit in the Garage text field in a House Component. (S-02466)
  • Added menu All Purchase orders to Purchase Orders dropdown menu. (S-02886)
  • Adjusted menu item Approved Purchase Orders to the Purchase Order menu. (S-02887)
  • Building Group is a required field in the Building Phase add modal. (S-03021)
  • The worksheet interface accurately displays what actions can be taken. (S-02230)
  • Changed text Delete to Clear on bulk actions in the House Bom and Bom Estimate Tools. (S-02234)
  • Purchase Orders that have a status of Work Completed are marked as approved. (S-02853)
  • Added the ability to filter data in the Budge page. (S-02893)
  • Added the ability to filter data in the PO page. (S-02894)
  • Options populate with Option description. (S-02895)
  • Disabled Lot status modifications when it is used on a job. (S-02907)
  • Added the ability to edit all Options in the dropdown menu of the ribbon and the side navigation bar. (S-02913)


  • The syncing of Jobs to WMS is faster. (D-02224)
  • Allow blank import options (D-02058)
  • Product names with an apostrophes are shown in the XML import page for house quantities import. (D-02054)
  • Restored functionality to the edit product button in Job Quantities. (D-01947)
  • The house Quantities page shows accurate detail costs of supplemental to bid products. (D-01960)
  • Checkboxes restored on the Document Permission page. (D-01977)
  • Option and Building Phase Bid labels are accurately named. (D-02021)
  • The process for filtering a house Estimate Option in a column is restored. (D-02023)
  • A notification message when an error occurs when removing Lot Status from a Community. (D-02209)
  • Updated the House BOM QPI SQL with revised BOM table columns. (D-02211)
  • Fixed issues between different collations in WMS bed products and Pipeline. (D-02215)
  • Fixed communication between Pipeline and WMS version 5.8. (D-02227)
  • The job BOM sync to WMS can be done at the same time as another job without locking the WMS database from accepting multiples at once. (D-02230)
  • When attempting to remove options from a job configuration while the add options panel is open the message is now informational. (D-01907)
  • Improved API Performance for Options. (D-02213)
  • Add Community if BuildPro is Active works without error. (D-02216)
  • Orientations are save when completing a Job save. (D-02222)
  • Building Phase Object save properly. (D-02223)