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Version 4


Released 3/13/2017


  • A utility page to populate missing job/house process steps is available. (B-02280)
  • eHome Developers have the ability to sort the eHome Designer Elements Menu and load Designer images. (B-02286)
  • Notebook API code and settings are now better organized. (B-02270)
  • External applications now have the ability to call the Pipeline web beacon to remotely authenticate, allowing eHome users to be logged in when eHome first launches. (B-02219)


  • The Job Estimate sync to WMS is free of conflicting business requirements. (D-01863)
  • If Conditional bid mapping code duplication occurs, an error is generated. (D-01837)
  • The job estimate sync to WMS process now has another conditional check to determine products that will not be sent to WMS. (D-01857)
  • The product subcomponents page error caused by orphaned references to controls is removed. (D-01860)
  • Phase code validity is checked more rigourously with conditional bid mapping products. (D-01861)
  • The Pipeline API continues to process custom options after encountering errors with a specific custom option when creating a job triggered by a sales contract approval in WMS. (D-01864)
  • The potential of duplicate mappings for code/condition pairings on conditional bid syncing is reduced. (D-01865)
  • The Pipeline API method ‘GetPDF’ overwrites duplicate files with the current version. (D-01874)
  • BOM Costing is more accurate when waste and/or rounding switches are turned on. (D-01876)
  • Job tracing is more accurate, and duplicate nodes are gone. (D-01890)
  • The full functionality of the previous Pipeline API methods for WMS is added to the new Pipeline API methods for WMS. (D-01892)
  • A situation has been fixed where job process steps were not coming over upon approval from WMS and creation of the job. (D-01895)
  • House BOM Lite page errors fixed for better functionality. (D-01897)
  • Pipeline correctly creates jobs from sales contracts approved in WMS, managing use of special characters such as apostrophes in the owner name. (D-01900)




  • The eHome Designer application’s dependence on Products in Pipeline is now removed so you can use eHome Designer specific data. This new functionality better models your choices in the eHome Designer. New user interfaces and data imports for Pipeline’s Designer pages exist to enable accelerated uploading and manipulation of the eHome Designer data. (B-02150)
  • Pipeline now has rudimentary support for option selections at the master option level. (B-02151)
  • Pipeline now supports the handling of the “one config” way of jobs from WMS. (B-02152)
  • Pipeline now contains a utility page to help users troubleshoot and generate House and Global BOMs that fail. (B-02156)
  • Pipeline 4.8 supports receiving Jobs and Configurations from WMS 5.4. (B-02168)
  • For any BOM, the wasted and/or rounded quantity for each product is costed instead of the raw product quantity. (B-02169)
  • BOM’s now show an Adjusted Quantity in addition to the Raw Quantity when waste and/or rounding is applied to the following areas: House BOM, Job BOM, Worksheet BOM, and Option Product’s Global BOM (B-02122, B-02157, B-02172, B-02173, B-02174, B-02175)
  • Adjusted Quantities created by wasting and/or rounding of the product quantities are now added to House and Job BOM Excel and CSV exports. (B-02177)
  • The Pipeline API now supports more granular create, read, update and delete operations for house quantities. (B-02189)
  • Database and API changes to Pipeline enable eHome Designer to save and load views. (B-02190)
  • Functionality added to Pipeline to allow eHome to save PDFs from eHome to Pipeline. (B-02202)
  • The Pipeline API now supports retrieving user account member details by name. (B-02218)


  • An error that causes the import of Community Lot latitude and longitude values to be stripped of decimals and negatives signs is fixed. (D-01478)
  • The grid view on the House Quantity Import page is formatted to allow horizontal scrolling, vertical scrolling, and paging for better viewing of large data sets. (D-01596)
  • The modal popup window to add a BIM Source in the Pipeline BOM Settings is now styled to conform to Pipeline Design Standards. The BIM Sources have also been separated from the other settings and set in their own section for easier readability. (D-01739)
  • Pipeline settings that are no longer relevant and that could possibly cause errors on a job are removed. (D-01741)
  • An error that did not load a file selection box upon upload of a House/Option Quantities XML on the Houses > Import Comparison View page has been fixed. (D-01768)
  • After uploading a Job Quantities file, the results show all quantities at once instead of a paginated view. (D-01793)
  • Deleting a product from a building phase is handled properly now. (D-01795)
  • On Products Import, Pipeline did not update the tax status of a Product’s Building Phase when the Product was updated. Now Pipeline will properly adjust the tax status based on the status in the import file. (D-01796)
  • A fix is applied to the Export of Community Custom Lot Specs that had previously omitted Descriptions (D-01797)
  • A fix is applied to keep Community Lot Resources from being duplicated when uploading. (D-01798)
  • Products with a total net quantity of 0 are no longer displayed on BOM pages. (D-01800)
  • An issue with updating the Dependent Condition of an Option Product is now fixed. (D-01802)
  • The House BOM export file now combines Product rows that share Option, Building Phase, and Style values. (D-01803)
  • Formerly, options that contained spaces were considered and when used in a condition resulted in a malformed condition. Now Pipeline allows these options with spaces in their name to be used in conditions properly. (D-01805)
  • The export file generated on the Option Products page now includes the Condition field. The Option Products Import now accepts this Condition. (D-01806)
  • The Job Estimate export is now only exporting the most recently generated BOM data. (D-01809)
  • The ability to edit and save an Option that does not have an Option Number is restored. (D-01810)
  • On the Job Estimate page, the Reconciled Products is now included in the total cost. (D-01813)
  • Job option estimates correctly sum all job BOM instances of a product, including those with duplicate line items due to different conditional statements. (D-01814)
  • Previously when Pipeline Options were synched to WMS, there was the potential for errors when one house’s name was fully contained in another house’s name. Pipeline now tests for the house number to prevent this. (D-01819)
  • Drop Down filters in grids are now sized to match the consistency of all filters. (D-01822)
  • New users created in Pipeline are set to immediately use an allocated license. (D-01823)
  • The “Non-Global Options” section of the House BOM Utilities page can now generate House BOMs for Options that did not have an existing record in the database. (D-01824)
  • BOM CSV and Excel Exports now contain an Adjusted Quantity, Waste Value, and Rounding Values in addition to the Raw Quantity when waste and/or rounding is applied to the following areas. (D-01835)
  • A WMS job that goes through a spec-to-sale process no longer wipes out the Reconciled Bucket job quantities. (D-01836)
  • If Conditional bid mapping code duplication occurs, an error is generated. (D-01837)
  • Building Phases will now clear out of the Building Phase Sync properly when synced over to WMS. (D-01838)
  • Spelling on buttons on House BOM is corrected. (D-01842)
  • Lump Sum Product Options tab copies items correctly to the Option Products tab when more than 702 Options are used. (D-01844)
  • Bid products on custom options are correctly not on the job estimate sent to WMS. (D-01850)


Released 10/27/2016


  • For conformance and usability, the ability to trace products was added to the Global Option BOM, Custom Option BOM, and Worksheet BOM. Previously, only the House BOM and Job BOM had this ability. (B-01884)
  • For troubleshooting purposes, a Trace Nodes data grid for all BOM reports is now created in Pipeline. (B-02109)
  • The process of generating a BOM is simplified to increase speed and performance of Pipeline. (B-02062)
  • The House Plus/Minus View is updated for readability. Columns are narrower, column titles are oriented vertically, tooltips display when you point to a product name, and positive values (adds)are green while negative values (deducts)are red. (B-01860)
  • You can now use Pipeline to compare and contrast specific Product Quantities assigned to multiple Houses and multiple Options. This capability allows you to evaluate consistency and eliminate errors between various or like Houses and Options. (B-02084)
  • The Global Option BOM layout is updated for conformance and better usability. (B-02074)
  • The Bulk Action ‘Remove All’ is added to the Custom Option Products page. (B-02047)
  • To allow you to consider whether to permanently Approve a Configuration or Save it for further work, a confirmation box now pops up after the ‘Approve Config’ button on Jobs Configurations is clicked. (B-02039)
  • The ability to assign or remove House Options in the Batch Edit matrix grid mode is added. House-specific import files generated from the House/Option tab of the Playbook are separated to alleviate timeout issues due to file size. The House/Option import allows simultaneous upload of all files and indicates upload status for each file. (B-01966)
  • Pipeline’s database is modified to utilize a more sophisticated Data Access Layer architecture. (B-02026, B-02059, B-02067, B-02081)
  • You can now import Worksheet quantities directly on a Custom Option Products page or a House Quantities page, without navigating to the Worksheet page to export such quantities. (B-01937)
  • Pipeline’s process for receiving Jobs from WMS is enhanced by condensing functionality on the Pipeline Jobs API to cut down on needed connections. (B-02046) *Requires WMS 5.5
  • An obsolete user interface page is eliminated from the Pipeline code. (B-02071)
  • On BOM pages Pipeline now shows the WMS Community, for which Cost is calculated, in the Cost column for each Option Condition row. (B-01652)
  • When a Product existed in WMS for which no cost data was entered, Pipeline generated $0.00 cost without indicating that WMS cost data was missing. Now on BOM pages the user sees Product Cost in red if the Product exists in WMS but lacks a cost. In addition, a Phase Cost or Option Cost that contains such Products are displayed in red. Costs for which data exist in WMS are displayed in blue. (B-01763)
  • SalesSimplicity sales prices and resources are now retrievable in Pipeline and eHome when Pipeline is configured with a SalesSimplicity FTP account. This allows a builder’s customers to interact with floor plans and options on eHome and see the accurate associated retail sales price from SalesSimplicity. (B-01270)
  • The Friendly Error page now displays the Pipeline Main Navigation Menu to allow you to navigate where desired rather than clicking ‘Back to the previous page.’ (B-02001)
  • Success and Error notifications are optimized to a smaller size. In addition, instead of just the ‘X’ icon, the entire message box can be clicked to dismiss it. (B-02022)
  • Word wrapping is enabled in all data grids to alleviate the issue of long words extending out of cells. (B-02031)
  • The ability to send test email from the Email Settings page is added to allow your administrator to verify that SMTP email server settings are correct. (B-02057)
  • Redundant tooltips are removed from the top-level Side Navigation Menu. (B-02095)
  • Database size is optimized for better Pipeline performance. (B-02021, B-02058, B-02110)
  • The Job Estimate page with ‘View By:’ set to Phase is enhanced. The Total Cost column now displays total Job Estimate Cost in the Footer. (B-02090)
  • The House Estimate page is updated for conformance and usability. In the Generation Status columns, text warnings are replaced with icons. (B-02091)


  • The spelling of ‘Subcomponents’ in the Products, Utilities button dropdown menu is corrected. (D-01698)
  • An unsuccessful Building Phase add was returning a ‘Building Phase added successfully!’ message if the Phase Name was over 50 characters. This function was corrected. In error messages regarding Building Phase Codes, spelling of “greater that” is corrected to “greater than.” The Building Phases data grid is now sorted by Phase Code. (D-01703)
  • An object reference error is eliminated on the Product Assignments page when the Houses hyperlinks are clicked. (D-01782)
  • You can import a Subcomponent quantity or multiplier value equal to 0 (zero), whereas previously a 0 (zero) quantity was imported to Pipeline as an empty quantity defaulting to 1 (one). (D-01733)
  • The Filter function on the Houses, Import Comparison View, Options Data Grid is activated. (D-01727)
  • A faulty link on the House Import Comparison View is corrected. (D-01764)
  • To eliminate a Quantity inaccuracy caused by the House Quantity import, Pipeline can now import and display House Quantity Parameters that contain an apostrophe. (D-01766)
  • You can now enter dependent conditions for House and Option Quantities by typing without regard for capitalization. You can enter any capitalization (case), and Pipeline automatically chooses the correct option. For example, upon typing Elev_B or elev_b, pipeline automatically chooses the correct dependent option named ELEV_B. (D-01693)
  • The House BOM ‘BASE + Elevations’ view formerly displayed all options that contain the word ‘BASE,’ including non-Base Options with titles such as BASE_CTILE_WALL. Now only options in the BASE elevation and all other elevations are displayed.. (D-01696)
  • A scenario in BOM generation existed whereby the BOM output would generate multiple option/condition combinations that were identical. This has been fixed. (D-01714)
  • Pipeline now automatically groups House BOM line items with the same option and condition under a single option condition line item. (D-01715)
  • The House BOM ‘Generate All’ button now correctly generates every option. (D-01731)
  • To eliminate unwanted House BOM records caused by extra spaces in dependent condition text, Pipeline purges extraneous spaces in the user-entered or imported House Quantities and Option Product Dependent Conditions. (D-01738)
  • You can now experience increased accuracy and performance in the BOM process that determines if an Option is system generated. (D-01755)
  • A permission setting on the House Quantities page is fixed to alleviate errors. (D-01712)
  • When the Import Comparison View operation identifies Products in the XML file that do not exist in Pipeline, Pipeline now saves the Product’s BIM Source Type as an ID instead of a name. (D-01752)
  • You can now view a new node which shows a left/right key measure swap on the BOM Trace. (D-01728)
  • Under certain conditions custom options did not display on the Job BOM page. Pipeline’s method of processing the Job BOM is corrected to address this issue. (D-01772)
  • Previously a left/right key measure swap could not be performed in the queue. Now when generating a BOM in the queue, a left/right key measurement swap can be performed successfully. (D-01745)
  • Pipeline no longer errors out when you copy a Community that contains a House with an empty price for that Community. (D-01771)
  • In a visual display of a trace for a worksheet product, the worksheet name was being listed as ‘Reconciled Products’. (D-01775)
  • To prevent errors on the Worksheets page, Products without an assigned Building Phase or Style are not listed. (D-01783)
  • When multiple Pipeline Worksheets were opened simultaneously, data sometimes became jumbled between the Worksheets. To alleviate this issue, Pipeline now utilizes separate sessions for each open Worksheet. (D-01736)
  • Coded instances of the word “Base” are replaced with your “Base Option” setting. (D-01740, D-01749)
  • A typographical error in the ‘phases successfully sync’d with WMS’ message is corrected. (D-01735)
  • Changing the building group on a building phase could potentially cause duplicate phase codes in WMS. (D-01713) Requires WMS 5.5
  • An error log redirect link is corrected on the WMS Estimate Sync page. (D-01614)
  • When ‘NoFilter’ is selected, Filter text now clears automatically on all pages of the user interface. (D-01726)
  • To improve troubleshooting capabilities, an issue is corrected in Pipeline’s method of saving diagnostic log data for sending a Job Estimate to WMS. (D-01789)
  • The Queue page now contains a dropdown list to allow filtering of the Queue item’s status. (D-01769)
  • In the Activity Feed, you can view activities of the ‘system’ user to see when behind-the-scenes functions are performed. (D-01709)
  • To avert a lasting error message after a failed login attempt to a disconnected license server, the ability to reconnect to the license server is enabled. (D-01763)
  • A Job Estimate with ‘View By:’ set to ‘Phase’ is now sorted by Phase Code, and Phase Name and Vendor columns are separated. (D-01759)
  • For increased speed, the Job Estimate page now functions without page reloading on button clicks and grid editing. (D-01760)
  • Total Costs now display correctly on the House Estimate page for Options that are costed. (D-01762)
  • For merged Products in the Job BOM Phase view, Pipeline will now calculate and display merged Product Cost when at least one of the merged line items has a Unit Cost. The most recently updated Product Unit Cost is chosen in the calculation. Pipeline will no longer display ‘n/a’ in the Cost column of the Job BOM if one or more of the merged Products was not assigned a Unit Cost. (D-01767)
  • The Pipeline Job Estimates page will no longer error out when performing comparisons with Products that lack a cost. (D-01773)
  • The Job Estimate now eliminates inadvertent Option duplicates by filtering out duplicate entries. (D-01774)
  • Exporting a House Estimate or Job Estimate to Excel with ‘View By:’ set to either Option or Phase is now enabled. (D-01761, B-02092)
  • For Sales and eHome users, the ‘Create Job from Notebook’ button now creates a Job with the correct House, Orientation and Community. If no Community is sent from eHome, the default Master community is assigned. In addition the Base option is included with the Notebook Options that are imported to the Job. (D-01495)


Released 9/19/2016


  • Community resources have been added to the CommunityXML eHome feed. (B-02086)
  • Bid Cost Description mapping has been updated to work not only on the Bid Product sync to WMS, but also when bid products are updated during a House BOM or Job BOM sync to WMS. (D-01744)
  • Fixed House Quantities Column sorting by Source. (D-01743)
  • Fixed House Quantities batch editing for Firefox. (D-01748)
  • A new methodology for defining conditionalized bids was introduced in the last release. In doing so, the bid products attached directly to a house option rather than directly to an option, were no longer showing on the bid product sync to wms screen. These have been added back into the mix of conditional bid items looking to go to WMS during a Bid Product sync. (D-01746)
  • Customers trying to log in when all licenses were taken, were not aware of that until after they attempted to log in. We are now displaying the total licenses in use along with a quick link to view active licenses on the login screen. (D-01747)
  • The ability for an empty job option to send over the Default Empty Option Product was bypassed in the last Pipeline release. This has been brought back. (D-01753)
  • Pipeline will now correctly adjust job quantities within WMS when a PO and non-PO item shares the same name and quantities, rather than just removing the non-PO items. (D-01754)


Released 8/19/2016


  • Data has been persistent when viewing the House BOM page when data was updated from elsewhere, like the queue. The House BOM page no longer needs the user to navigate to another House BOM to clean out the session values, it will reload with fresh data any time the page is refreshed. (B-01911, D-01734)
  • A much smoother process for working with the pre-import modification setup has been put in place along with the ability to export and import the data for mass Excel modifications. (B-01907, D-01670)
  • House Quantity API endpoints have been added in order to promote direct communication between BIM Pipeline and external systems. (B-01967)
  • New ability to quickly enter multiple quantities to a job or house through an all new form. You no longer have to add one product at a time. Once multiple products are added to a job our house, you can also now quickly perform an inline edit of multiple quantities at once while using the batch edit mode. Once all changes are made, click Save to persist the changes to the database. (B-01283, B-01933, B-01885, B-01886)
  • New styling has been given to the Show Parent in Rollout checkbox on a product subcomponent list in order to provide better clarity to what it is and used for. (B-01942)
  • Bid products with a condition now send over to WMS with a unique identifier added to the phase code to allow different conditional values to be recognized. (B-01723)
  • Removed Building Group Selection when adding, Copying To, or Copying from a Subcomponent Manually through the UI. (B-01925)
  • Initial WMS database settings have been introduced to the Settings section so any admin user can input these settings to start up the initial connection to WMS rather than await an IT administrator’s time to get onto the server itself to set this up. (B-01968)
  • Pipeline now treats budgeted items in WMS the same as items that have a PO issued. We will not remove them from WMS and will now send a delta value instead for adjustments and back outs. (B-01980)
  • When a bid product is connected to a global option it will now be picked up during the bid product sync and not just during a house or job BOM sync. This will now prevent bid products from going to WMS via a BOM and then getting flagged for deletion when sending the bid products at the master level. (B-01913)
  • Added SMTP email server settings to the main settings section within the UI so the settings didn’t always take a system administrator to get onto the server itself to make the settings updates. (B-01962)
  • The user menu button has been hidden from the user when the user is not logged in. (B-02035)
  • A mass overhaul of many Costing module pages has been performed to ensure the look, feel and function matches the estimating side of Pipeline. (B-01959, D-01637)
  • Additional House Name Alias property added for use within eHome or a Sales app, if the house name needs to stay non-salesy for BIM or Estimating departments, yet differ for customer facing systems. (B-01832)
  • We have added a new notification that tells the user when all their licenses are in use and provides a glimpse to who is logged in and when their last activity was. (B-01780)
  • New data access architecture begun that will improve performance, enhance code reusability and provide better debugging clarity. (B-01921, B-01946)
  • Performance optimization done to the Pipeline database for better organization, utilization of space and pace of growth. (B-01990)
  • Many fixes and enhancements have been made to the Designer sections of Pipeline including a new utilities section to manage eHome Designer elements, views and presets attached to options and houses for easier reuse of views across multiple houses for the all new eHome Designer. (B-02000, B-02005, D-01678, D-01680, D-01681)


  • An update to the display of the tracing has been made in order to make certain missing nodes in a product trace are now being shown. (D-01558)
  • The BomEstimateTools utility page has been significantly optimized and now deletes all HouseBOM reports (including those with corrupted date of 1/1/1900). (D-01634)
  • When attempting to delete a BOM source type, if the source has been used a proper notification will be presented. If the source has not been used the source type will now be removed as desired. (D-01673)
  • The max character length for house quantity dependent conditions has been increased from 128 to 500 to support longer condition statements. (D-01646)
  • Included “and not” option to dependent condition dropdowns and included checks to remove faulty spacing upon saving the dependent condition. (D-01674)
  • An export of the filtered view in either csv or excel format has been added to the House BOM page in order to allow the user to export a subset of all the generated House BOM’s. (D-01631)
  • The Job BOM was missing its condition within the product trace causing the retrieval of the trace data to fail at times. This has been resolved. (D-01632)
  • Removed non-functioning ‘Resources’ button from Product Manf/Styles grid and fixed general UI – column widths, display, etc. (D-01494)
  • When editing a Spec Set Product conversion, the Toast Message is giving the opposite, reversed message. This has been updated along with setting a 50 character limit on the Spec Set Name. (D-01517, D-01520)
  • Redesigned the building phase rule page in order to trim down a user’s necessary steps required to create phase rule conditions as well as restored general page functionality. (D-01659)
  • The copy to product and copy from product buttons on the subcomponents page now copy over the correct swap parent status. (D-01672)
  • WMS Integration DLL improperly capping log files. The process is designed to archive the log file at 5 MB and delete the original, starting afresh. The starting afresh was not happening. (D-01665)
  • Fixed WMS product sync page now takes into account products having multiple styles and sends all of the chosen styles to WMS. (D-01666)
  • When Pipeline connects to WMS all connection pools are now closed after a connection is disposed, freeing the database from previously logged in user profiles. (D-01622)
  • When syncing a global option bid product to WMS within a system that has multiple global option prefixes defined, the auto creation of the bid products phase description will no longer pick up on all the global descriptions but rather the relevant one that is of the option the bid product is attached to. (D-01639)
  • Options removed from a job within a change order now have their removals tucked in the correct configuration on the modified send page to WMS. (D-01664)
  • Removed a function that was causing deletion issues with WMS job syncing. Filtering out manually created estimates in WMS to prevent users from having to recreate them. (D-01671)
  • Additional tooltips added to the top level pages for better clarification. (D-01648)
  • Added over 75 new activity log events which can now be found in the newest activity log page, effectively deprecating activity log v3. (D-01660)
  • Some notification links from the main navigation dropdown have been linking to incorrect pages and have now been fixed and navigate to the correct item being displayed. (D-01676)
  • An update to the Pipeline SOAP API service to allow a WSHttpBinding or BasicHttpBinding per the client’s applications choice. (D-01690)
  • Column headers for the grid on the Phase Product Costs page are now more accurate and robust along with increased precision on the database reads for the grid to ensure the data being retrieved and saved is accurate. (D-01667)
  • Communities now support adding very large groups of master options and house options in a single instance without timing out. (D-01654)
  • The sort function for custom options on the custom option page will now work properly without throwing an error message. Clicking on the word code to sort by code number was locking up Pipeline. When clicking on return to previous page from the error, the code box was still highlighted and would not allow page advances. (D-01653)
  • The ability to copy custom option quantities to other custom options has been restored. (D-01647)
  • The column headers of the Custom Option Products export have been updated to match the import format. (D-01531)
  • Additional database keys were added between Custom Option Products and Source Types as well as Worksheet Products and Source Types to provide better data integrity. (D-01684)
  • Worksheet products will now correctly save quantities when using a filter or moving to a different page. (D-01697)
  • The worksheets have been enhanced to properly consider the product style pulled from the product list when placed into the quantity list allowing the user the ability to work with product styles as they do on jobs and house options. (D-01699)
  • Presets page now recognizes a preset id of 0 as the indicator to create a new preset. (D-01679)


Released 8/15/2016


  • When a list of job quantities were made up of the same building phase and style the products were all getting condensed into one line item, summing up the quantity value for the different products. We have adjusted the job quantity display filter to prevent incorrectly combining items that share an option, phase, and the default style. (D-01677)
  • When syncing a Job BOM to WMS the products rounding value in WMS was being reset. We have updated the process to properly reflect the rounding status and update is properly in WMS when a Job BOM is sent to WMS. (D-01689)
  • The product tax status on an item in WMS is getting changed inadvertently due to an error in generating the comparison between Pipeline products and WMS items. We have properly adjusted the comparison so the sync process no longer updates the WMS item taxable setting incorrectly. (D-01720)
  • Included a fix to the Job BOM sync to ensure all deleted products are fully selectable on the modified send page to allow the user the choice to delete them or not. (D-01725)


Released 7/1/2016


  • When adding products to a job if the same product from two different styles was added to the quantities, the display was combining those together as one. The two uniquely styled products will now show as two separate line items on the job quantities page. (D-01657)
  • When sending a job BOM to WMS and using the modified send selection, the filtering of options with a net quantity of zero was preventing the user from seeing those options on this page. We have adjusted the timing of the filters to allow these option removals to be seen from the modified send page. (D-01662)
  • When a house BOM with an extremely large amount of data was being exported the time it took to process was exceeding the timeout value in some instances and was causing the export to generate a blank exported file. The database statements in this export have been optimized and this process timeout length has been increased to allow the data to be properly exported. (D-01663)
  • Bid Product Sync to WMS page was timing out on record sets in the tens of thousands. A more efficient process has been put in place to increase the performance drastically along with consolidating the similarities within the code when processing Product Sync’s as well. (D-01675, B-01991)
  • When generating costs for a House BOM from WMS item costs, the saved costing data was not fully capturing the Building Group properly so adjustments have been made to properly capture that data. (D-01682)


Released 5/19/2016


  • The Job process in Pipeline has been updated to be less intensive minimizing the configurations when building the estimate for the job. A user still gets Job Configurations manually or via WMS at the option level, but at the Quantity, BOM and Sync to WMS steps, we are only showing one collective set of options that are currently on the job. If you need to modify what goes over to WMS on the Job Estimate you will then be able to see it broken down by configuration again and be selective about what is sent. This process should make it much easier on the estimator when building an Estimate, especially if a job has dozens of change orders. (B-01871)
  • A new panel has been added to the Job Options page that will show the user a grid of job configurations against options and the quantity changes across the two so that a user can quickly tell what the life cycle of an option is on a job. (B-01851)
  • Tracing from a product level down into House and Job BOM’s has now been added and can be found under the Reports > BOM > Trace – Qty Down. (B-01861)
  • Additional indexing on House BOM related database tables has been added to increase the speed of the data retrieval on the House BOM, Job BOM, Option BOM, Custom Option BOM and Worksheet BOM pages. (B-01905)
  • A new sortable and collapsible view has been put in place on the product sub-components page replacing the existing grid to make it easier to read and modify products that have a large number of subcomponents. (B-01683)
  • In Pipeline’s House BOM page it is possible to sync an option that belongs to all houses in a community but is not attached to a specific house. This would correctly create an option in WMS. However, on the House Option Sync to WMS page Pipeline was trying to remove this option from WMS. (B-01829)
  • A new spec set export has been added to the main spec set group page that exports all products for each spec group. We have also improved the deletion process on import to now check for spec set parent groups before removing the spec set so if the spec set is not in the file it will no longer get unintentionally removed. (B-01828)
  • A numeric count of Style and Product Conversions has been added to the grid on the Spec Sets page for easier identification of how many there are. (B-01812)
  • Improved UI messaging has been added to the Calculations page to notify the user of an improper calculation that will prevent the improper calculation from being used during a BOM process, preventing a failed BOM generation result. (B-01836)
  • The Building Phases section now has a details page for a Building Phase, rather than just the basic inline edit. This new details page also includes a panel that allows the user to see and add products to the building phase. (B-01846)
  • Elevation options have been added directly into the “All House Options” and “Other Master Options” selection lists when adding options to a community to increase the users efficiency in making sure all needed options are added to a community. (B-01848)
  • As a job bom is generated and a house needs to be flipped in its orientation, if new products get created, the visual element of that in Pipeline needed to be enhanced for a better understanding of what was taking place. (B-01874)
  • New ability added to the building phases page allowing the user to delete multiple building phases one at a time as well as import them for quick updating of multiples at once. (B-01825)
  • Improved UI messaging on the Building Phase Sync to WMS page. (B-01728)
  • Enhanced the performance on the Bid Sync to WMS page. (B-01896)
  • A new utility page has been created that will allow a Pipeline user to view whether job configurations and their options are in sync between Pipeline and WMS at the following location: dashboard/builderbom.integrations.buildermt/utilities/jobhealth.aspx (B-01857)
  • The WMS View Sales utility page at dashboard/builderbom.integrations.buildermt/utilities/viewsales.aspx has been given access to reset the Approval status of a configuration in WMS back to False in cases where a config needs to be re-approved due to it missing in Pipeline. (B-01856)
  • Additional UI messaging has been added to the Create New User page to provide better feedback when a username or email is already in use by another account. (B-01844)
  • Added a new field for size to the master option level giving an option the ability to have a size set prior to being applied at a house or community level. (B-01901)
  • New Pipeline API endpoints have been added to both the SOAP and REST API to allow basic add, update, delete and get calls to our Products module, including Products, Units, Manufacturers, Styles and Building Phases. (B-01875)
  • Pipeline’s default community location for google maps has been updated to CG Visions current office location. (B-01810)


  • When receiving a Spec to Sale from WMS that has change orders in between coupled with estimates, the Spec or original configuration in Pipeline was finding itself with extra quantities of options that existed already on the change orders Pipeline had. WMS is removing the change order and condensing the current options into the original sale. Pipeline will now handle this similarly with a result of the needed option quantities on the job. (D-01635)
  • When applying system quantities to a job, quantities that were attached to a parent option were getting missed and thus not showing on the Job BOM. This has been corrected and you will now see the products from the parent option on the Job Quantities page connected to the child option. (D-01652) • Occasional logins were timing out during the login process as the Activity Feed on the Dashboard was using an inefficient database query once the activity log became too large. (D-01605)
  • The BOM generation process was recently enchanced and in that process the Custom Option BOM began to include all conditional products rather than no conditional products when generating the custom option BOM directly from the custom option products page. Without other selected options on the job (D-01600)
  • We did a clean sweep of all pages with different access levels to verify the Permissions settings provided per Role type were acting as expected. Made a number of updates throughout Pipeline to accommodate. (D-01582)
  • If a job configuration was received from WMS with a negative option quantity, Pipeline was no longer sending that negative estimate back to WMS. (D-01610)
  • Orphaned House BOM’s are now able to be deleted row by row as desired directly from the House BOM page. (D-01619)
  • Refined processing has been added to the main products page in order to improve performance when encountering large amounts of data. (D-01621)
  • When an extremely large number of products are in both Pipeline and WMS the comparison process used to determine what needs to be added, updated or deleted from WMS was timing out. A new refined and enhanced data retrieval and comparison process has been implemented to alleviate this timeout, preventing products from appearing to all need synchronized again to WMS even though they may not have needed it. (D-01611)
  • The Option Cost report found under Reports > WMS Costing was not loading data properly. This has now been adjusted. (D-01585)
  • Bid items that were used as subcomponents could get sent to WMS when found on a House BOM. However, when a bid item sync to WMS is performed, bid items attached as subcomponents are not recognized. This causes those bid items in WMS to be seen by the sync page as needing to be removed from WMS. To prevent this circular connection of add from the House BOM and delete from the bid item sync we have disallowed the user from creating a subcomponent from a Bid product and provided a UI notification if they attempt to set a subcomponent in that way. (D-01589)
  • If a default empty product is put into the settings that does not actually exist in Pipeline, an empty job bom send to WMS will fail if it contains an options that needs to use this product. We have made an update to allow the rest of the estimate to go over, just skipping the non-existent default empty product. (D-01649)
  • Global options can now be assigned to a house from the house options page. (D-01573)
  • The workflow of selecting one or many As-Built job xml files has been enhanced so comparisons can be done easier across options from multiple or single files and no phantom columns get displayed. (D-01630)
  • The job bom export to XML was always dropping the XML file out with the same name, even as the view was switched. A more informative XML file name has been put in place. (D-01551)
  • When importing and exporting job and house quantities with additional parameters, the data was getting mixed up with additional parameters getting added to the export and then back in again. (D-01586)
  • When exporting a House BOM to XML there was an extra element to provide what the product source originated from. However, this does not line up with the expected schema for the import so the product_sourceid has been removed from the export. (D-01626)
  • When exporting job quantities, we were dropping quantities from all sources, which was good except when it went out to and XML file, which then had a header of all one source. If importing that file back in or to another job all job quantities came back in with that one source. You can now export by source type. (D-01587)
  • When importing a Job XML file into Pipeline, if certain Products, Styles and Manufacturers did not exist the creation process was not completing successfully. (D-01593)
  • When importing a house XML file that has a new Product, it was automatically associating the new product creation to the Building Phase in the XML source, even though the Pipeline user was wanting the Product to be put into a different Pipeline Building Phase. (D-01594)
  • When a Job BOM had products that appeared on multiple options, in Phase View the summed product quantity was correct, but the summed costs were not, even though the total phase cost was correct. (D-01555)
  • When costing a Job BOM, a few building phases were listing duplicates in the Phase View if one option had a cost and another, in the same building phase, had an n/a cost. (D-01552)
  • Occasionally when a product was copied, along with its subcomponents, there were several duplicates of the subcomponents that were getting undesirably created. (D-01584)
  • Adjusted the House BOM costing function to ensure the UI message displaying the cost retrieved matched exactly to the penny to the cost shown in the Grid. A few cases of Rounding were causing the values to be different by a couple pennies. (D-01485)
  • Occasional timeouts were occurring with the right data when trying to view a trace of a final BOM product. (D-01579)
  • An improper link on the tracing view of a custom option was linking a custom option back to the option page looking for an option with an id of the custom option rather than a custom option based on the custom options id resulting in a option that couldn’t be found. (D-01623)
  • House Option Imports were struggling when encountering an apostrophe and changing them to a double apostrophe. (D-01491)
  • Issues when exporting options to Excel when the formatting of option codes made Excel interpret the value as a number removing leading 0’s or as an alphanumeric value showing up in scientific notation. Additional formatting prevention has been put in place to avoid these situations. (D-01532)
  • The house elevations grid was not always saving correctly when the option had no cost value entered. (D-01550)
  • Importing spec sets was failing if the calculation had an apostrophe in it. Special consideration has now been given to the calculation field containing that special character. (D-01556)
  • Tool tips for Progress Status indicators was not showing any text after an apostrophe. (D-01557)
  • The macro on the Lump Sum Option Products sheet has been revised to support a significantly larger dataset from the Option Products sheet as well as a significantly larger matrix when building out option products to the Option Products sheet. (D-01566)
  • On the utility page that sends house bom’s to WMS, the community ID being used to look up house bom’s was incorrectly being pulled from the dropdown. Rather than the community ID being retrieved it was using the numeric order value of where that community was in the list. Most users would not be affected as they typically only have one community (Master) that they work with or Master is still first and has an ID of 1. But if a user had a Master as community ID 2 or something different the ID didn’t match the ordering causing an invalid lookup of the BOM to send to WMS. (D-01615)
  • When adding a product to a custom option and changing the style, an error was being thrown preventing you from saving the product. (D-01627)


Released 2/19/2016


  • New functionality for WMS to clean up deleted options is being called too often and causing the Job BOM sync to take much longer than before (D-01591)
  • The house quantity As-Built/Multi-As-Built modification page was throwing an uncaught error when attempting to Compare and Import (D-01592)
  • The Job BOM generation is no longer looking to dismiss values less than .001 from the BOM and resulting in a rounded value of 0 being found within an option as we attempt to sync to WMS (D-01595)
  • When a Job BOM in Pipeline contains a product with no Building Phase the sync to WMS will not go (D-01597)
  • The main products page has lost its ability to expand a product that has subcomponents (D-01598)


Released 2/5/2016


  • Unable to Sync non-configuration options created on a Pipeline Job BOM to WMS without it creating additional unknown estimates when certain sales ID were misaligned. This fix will require a complimentary WMS version of 5.3.1 (D-01565, D-01570)
  • When using the Houses API to edit options applied to a house the options were getting added again rather than updated (D-01571)
  • House BOM sync to WMS when in bulk was not closing all used SQL connections and causing Pipeline as a whole to lock up and become unusable (D-01574)


Released 1/29/2016


  • The House BOM page has been slow to load on large data sets and is very difficult to find information so a newly organized and faster loading page has been designed (B-01807)
  • When Pipeline accepts job configurations from WMS and the configuration only has one add/delete pair on it, Pipeline will now receive that and push a default empty option product back to the WMS estimate to make sure the option is seen on the Budget and PO screen (B-01803)
  • We have added a notification to the Login screen and Dashboard that will let the user know when an update of Pipeline is made available (B-01799)
  • New Analysis Report to combining base and standard options for Cost Analysis across house plans and communities (B-01764)
  • New Excel export for the WMS Option Cost By Phase report (B-01752)
  • New ability to override the item notes at a house option bom level and then job bom level (B-01746)
  • Enhanced ability to Qualify Supplemental Bid Items (B-01743)


  • Adjusted the process of retrieving the latest cost on a House BOM so that it is always based on last generated cost (D-01562)
  • The job config estimate was wrong on a backout of products from WMS with just the right mix of add and deletes of an option (D-01559)
  • The ALL Job BOM will now show all options even if they do not have an estimate generated (D-01533)
  • Spec Set ‘New’ button was in the wrong location and didn’t fit the current Pipeline theme (D-01521)
  • The Spec Sets sub-navigation link had ‘Houses’ set as the link title when hovered (D-01519)
  • Spec Set product conversion filters were not working (D-01518)
  • Uploading a job config file with an underscore in the name caused a page load error once the file was uploaded to the server (D-01513)
  • A broken job quantity link under product assignment was fixed (D-01506)
  • The option count was incorrect on the job details page and was also not including the custom options (D-01502)
  • The option condition mapping export was missing the last house in the list at times due to the expectation of an extra comma in the csv file (D-01497)
  • The job configuration option page was still showing the delete option column even after the configuration was approved even though it would not allow you to remove an option from the configuration (D-01493)
  • The WMS costing filter dropdown was not allowing you to open it and then open the calendar without closing the main dropdown (D-01492)
  • Queued reports were not always able to be deleted when not in Processing status (D-01490)
  • Tooltips were not always showing after the page postbacks (D-01487)
  • Line returns in the Playbook would break certain imports so a line break replace has been implemented within the Playbook (D-01486)
  • Spaces and return characters at the end of product description will no longer cause the sync with WMS to always return incomplete (D-01228)
  • The job quantity XML export now matches the same format as the import (D-01479)
  • The job quantity csv and excel exports can now be exported to align with the Playbook (D-01337)
  • The House BOM was showing options in which had house quantities even when that particular option was not available to the community (D-01470)
  • An estimate sent to WMS will now have an Estimate Source of Pipeline seen in the WMS UI (D-01461)
  • Made format adjustments to how the Option Cost By Phase Report is seen on screen (D-01455)
  • House quantity import product creation AJAX issue fixed (D-01446)
  • If an option and custom option had a similar database ID their was confusion in the deletion process (D-01430)
  • Addressed an issue where adjusting the page size of a detail table in a grid would contract any expansion at the parent level keeping you from ever seeing data on subsequent detail table pages (D-01423)
  • Job Orientation was not always changing products based upon reverse “mask” in settings (D-01285)
  • The checking of duplicate product codes was not always returning the proper message letting the user know that a duplicate already existed (D-01267)


Released 1/15/2016


  • Option import was setting all options, new or updated to be an Elevation and Allow Multiples even if either was set to FALSE in the import file. (D-01563)


Released 1/11/2016


  • 1 WMS with multiple company’s connected to separate Pipeline’s can now take advantage of the new auto send of approved job configurations (B-01835)


  • House Bom exports are now exporting again. They were exporting blank sheets. (D-01540)
  • Prospects created in eHome were not getting pushed properly to Sales Simplicity from Pipeline. (D-01542)
  • Global options were no longer deleting from WMS during a sync. Global options were adding and updating, but not deleting. (D-01546)
  • When switching an option from global to non-global or non-global to global the sync dates were incorrect on the House Bom page. (D-01547)
  • When attaching a bid product to a global option it was auto-building a phase with the the house code, global code and option code rather than just the global code and option code. (D-01548)
  • The settings page had the Building Phase character limit selection values only up to 6 when it needed to be up to 9. (D-01549)
  • Fixed inability to apply system quantities to job configurations when the configuration count gets very high as the process would timeout. (D-01554)


Released 12/21/2015


  • Global BOM on the Option Product page won’t expand when it has building phases and products to look at (D-01522)
  • Bid item sync’s to WMS are timing out with the right mix of data (D-01534)
  • When a product or Bid fails to send to wms for any reason no other legitimate products will go over (D-01535)
  • After a conditioned option is tucked under the Base option, it will no longer cost Bid items (D-01541)


Released 12/1/2015


  • Pipeline/WMS BOM Assembly Comparison page to reflect BASE tucking (B-01826)


  • House/Option sync giving false positives due to apostrophe’s in certain fields (D-01528)
  • When sending a House BOM to WMS the option mapping comparison needs to be case-insensitive (D-01527)


Released 11/20/2015


  • Modified job sync to WMS was condensing all options into one main config in the view in Pipeline (D-01526)
  • The House BOM sync to WMS had a few inefficiencies in the process that have now been tightened up to improve performance (D-01525)


Released 11/3/2015


  • New ability to Cost a job from costing data held in WMS (B-01636)
  • New tracing of house and job BOM generation allows user to see exactly how a final BOM value ended up on the BOM (B-01642)
  • The product Style is now included in the job bom similar to what is seen int the house bom (B-01676)
  • Any time a house bom generates with a condition of BASE the bom will now tuch itself in with the option without a condition as they theoretically mean the same thing (B-01692)
  • Introduced an ALL configuration selection on the job configuration quantities page (B-01707)
  • New ability to select which options, building phase and products will be sent to WMS during a job bom sync in desired (B-01708)
  • The activity panel on the Dashboard now has a link to view all the activity the system has been collecting (B-01715)
  • Improved performance on the house bom page when expanding option or phase levels (B-01717)
  • When deleting job configuration quantities you can now select which configuration(s) and source(s) to delete from (B-01730)
  • Any option product can now have a condition applied to it (B-01750)
  • Added a ‘Check All’ box for creating products on a house quantity Import (B-01804)


  • The grid on the house quantity import wasn’t staying expanded as the page size was adjusted, rather the grid would continue to collapse. (D-01390)
  • The bid product sync page was not allowing the user to progressively filter the data. (D-01407)
  • When sending the job estimate to WMS with no Sales Configurations involved the base would be sent with the original estimate but have a slightly different name to it than if it were in a change order.Config (D-01419)
  • House, Option and House Option imports were given more accurate validation (D-01431)
  • Ability to add a new product category has been resolved (D-01436)
  • Exposed house and base option mapping codes to the Settings when integrating with WMS (D-01439)
  • If the “Add Option” or “Add Custom Option” panels were open on the job configuration quantities page and the user attempted to Save or Approve the configuration, an error was presented (D-01441)
  • Resolved issue in adding house quantities that if a user added a quantity, the list of products reset and didn’t match the selected building phase, causing the next insertion of product to cause error (D-01448)
  • Bid cost activity tracking had incorrect parameters when building the notifications (D-01449)
  • A jobs custom option quantity field has been reduced in actual size to fit in the column better (D-01450)
  • After adding an option to a job configuration, while viewing ‘Only for Chosen Configuration’ on Jobs/Configurations, the Options grid flipped back to the default view of all options (D-01452)
  • When sending a job estimate to WMS the Estimate Document Type was wrong when no Sales Configs were present (D-01462)
  • When job option boms are generated for configurations in which the option did not originate, the estimate will now be available to be sent to WMS (D-01463)
  • Adjusted the Excel export functionality to wrap fields in quotes so that values starting with zeros will not get shortened in Excel but look as they did in Pipeline (D-01465)
  • House/Option import headers have been realigned for ease of importing from the Playbook (D-01468)
  • Aligned the title of a custom option on the job with that of the custom option details page to both read Code (D-01469)
  • Added the ability to edit the condition of a house quantity (D-01473)
  • The ability to back a job option estimate out of WMS was erroring out occasionaly with just the right data makeup (D-01477)
  • Reconciled Option Name Does Not Show on Job Quantities Page (D-01505)
  • Items sent to WMS on a job would be doubled if items in the reconciled bucket had purchase orders issued (D-01516, D-01510)
  • House BOM page load was timing out with certain makeups of data and sql server (D-01512)
  • House option sync to WMS performance improvements (D-01508)
  • Accepted WMS configs were not always showing up in Pipeline in a complete state (D-01501)
  • A semi-colon in a product name was breaking the ‘Recent Products’ in the dropdown of the navigation on all product related pages (D-01496)


Released 11/5/2015


  • Unable to sync house estimate properly to WMS with house/option greater than 9 (D-01511)


Released 10/21/2015


  • Series methods were added to the Pipeline Houses API (B-01798)


  • Assoc and View Only roles were not able to access many of the Job Pages (D-01489)
  • Job configuration bom generation timing out in certain instances (D-01500)
  • Job configuration bom display timing out in certain instances (D-01503)


Released 10/9/2015


  • Can’t access House Quantities page with View Only role (D-01444)
  • Option/House length other than 9 disables bid product use (D-01458)
  • When trying to Generate the Report View on the House Quantities Import page the page never responds (D-01480)
  • eHome Conditions unable to save edit (D-01481)
  • eHome Conditions unable to export (D-01482)
  • Send Job BOM To WMS page is failing to load when trying to access it (D-01483)


Released 9/18/2015


  • Spec-to-Sale doubles config options. (D-01447)
  • Estimates doubling or worse on job config resend to WMS. (D-01456)
  • Job Configuration page non-functional when ‘Allow Manual Job Configurations’ is False. (D-01457)


Released 8/25/2015


  • Split product resources off to its own page (B-01185)
  • Created a new calculation details page so that a user can see where that calculation has been used (B-01194)
  • Enhanced the house Bom costing from WMS to now include the unit level costs where it only went down to the Phase level previously (B-01428)
  • Include Bid Cost to Option Assignment in Playbook (B-01534)
  • Include Tax Status in Playbook for Products Tab (B-01551)
  • House option sync to WMS page needs better formatting and improved filter ability (B-01615, B-01635)
  • The Playbook has been added to Pipeline under the main user menu ‘Playbook Template’ so the proper version of the Playbook is always available with the coinciding Pipeline version (B-01631)
  • All necessary Pipeline settings have been exposed in the UI under Settings (B-01632)
  • Queue status page will now allow you to resend a failed or stuck item as well are bulk delete items no longer desiring to be queue’d up (B-01637)
  • The process of retrieving necessary data for the House Bom page has been analyzed and improved for better loading performance. (B-01640)
  • The House Bom sync log will now provide a more accurate message when no products are found on an options selected and sent to WMS. (B-01644)
  • The house quantity export to XML has been modified match properly to the expected import format. (B-01645)
  • Gave any user within the Admin role the ability to modify a users password. (B-01649)
  • Ability to import and export product units (B-01654)
  • Calculations and Units tabs added to the Playbook (B-01655)
  • Product Assignment page flow updated for better viewing of different amounts of data. (B-01656)
  • Condensed the spec set pages down to a single page allowing the user to stay and develop the spec set without having to bounce from page to page. (B-01657)
  • House Assignment page now shows the spec sets that are attached to it. (B-01658)
  • Ability to see job configuration quantities by option or flattened in a grid allowing the user to filter by product and see all options that product is currently assigned too. (B-01660)
  • A link to the WMS Sync Utilities has been added to the House details page. (B-01665)
  • Quick link added to any global option taking the user to the sync House/Option page directly. (B-01666)
  • Enhanced House Bom utilities page to allow user to see and find what they are looking for easier. (B-01667)
  • Added communities to the types of data that can be seen when viewing the Option Assignments page (B-01668)
  • Removed the global options from the list of options on the house assignment page (B-01669)
  • When exporting subcomponents you can now select multiple building phases to export at the same time. (B-01670)
  • Removed the House Assignments page and enhanced the Assignments page to allow an options assignments to not just be viewed but also managed from the Assignments page. (B-01672)
  • New supplemental detail item marker on a product allowing the user to assign projected costs to products that will not flow to the Bom and Purchasing because they are truly included in a bid, but be used to verify bid costs. (B-01679)
  • When adding a job quantity, the form has been rearranged to help the flow of data selection. (B-01684)
  • Enhanced job config option management so a user can see all options through the selected config or only the options that apply to the selected config. (B-01686)
  • Added confirm dialog to the job quantities Delete All button. (B-01690)
  • The option quantity sold has been added to the job quantities page so the user can see whether an option was removed, added or added in multiples. (B-01691)
  • Added the ability to apply system quantities to multiple configs at one time. (B-01693)
  • The house import and export to csv now match. Column headings were differing. (B-01701)
  • House/Option import description updated for better clarity. (B-01702)
  • The option condition mapping import and export did not match for the Mapping Type. (B-01704)
  • The Cost column on the House Bom now exports when the integration with WMS is turned on. (B-01705)
  • We have standardized all exports in the Pipeline Playbook to be based off the File Output Path defined on the Settings worksheet. (B-01706)
  • Added additional logging within the WMS subscriber that sits on the WMS server to ease troubleshooting. (B-01709)
  • Added expand all carrots on the Job Bom page at the Option and Phase level. (B-01710)
  • When a community is switched from None to something on the House Bom page the buttons for generating bom’s needed re-enabled. (B-01712)


  • When importing houses, a new series that is only a single word can now be used and that series will be created properly and used with the house. (D-01335)
  • Tooltips on things like products and options have been updated and are now working again. (D-01348)
  • Adjusting of Page Size on a job quantity import during any Config/Option/Phase expansion will no longer contract the grid back to its starting point. (D-01350)
  • The breadcrumb on the job sync to WMS is no longer redirecting to the wrong page when a different job is selected. (D-01355)
  • Filters on the job quantity page fixed. (D-01356)
  • Subcomponent list on the option assignment page was disappearing when the page size was changed. (D-01357)
  • Recent options and recent products links on the dashboard were not directing to the proper location. (D-01361)
  • Updated the page title to be more reflective of the page on the View House Estimates page. (D-01362)
  • House quantities export and import in xml format realigned. (D-01364)
  • Added missing toast message on job bom sync to WMS. (D-01370)
  • Option condition mapping import was failing if no mappings existed in the system yet. (D-01371)
  • The job bom was failing to generate on some older jobs in which an unexpected Null value was being found on the IsStandard field. (D-01378)
  • Ajax was not configured properly when adding a category on the product details page. (D-01381)
  • Reversed initial load order of recent products on dashboard. (D-01392)
  • Fixed paging on options assignment page. (D-01397)
  • Adjusted page layout for the house quantities plus minus view to take advantage of full page size. (D-01398)
  • Adding job quantities manually from the UI was not functioning properly once a first quantity was successfully added. (D-01400)
  • Option Assignment page had the wrong with job usage. It was not looking at the configuration level, rather the old option to job. (D-01401)
  • ALL BOM selection didn’t contain Reconciled Products. (D-01403)
  • Point of Interest page needs updated to use newer google map draggable icon. (D-01412)
  • Custom option descriptions were not showing up in Pipeline as sales configurations were approved in WMS. (D-01416)
  • Fixed a page error If BASE quantity does not exist in +/- View. (D-01417)
  • Job quantity import will once again allow you to create products that are found in the XML file but don’t exist in the system yet. (D-01418)
  • When viewing a House BOM, products with the same name but different style were getting summed together keeping the user from seeing the difference in style. (D-01420)
  • The dashboard recent products was listing the product/phase combo, but only showing the product name making appear to have duplicates. (D-01424)
  • The job bom exports were not working after a few modifications to the job bom generation process. (D-01427)
  • WMS sales configurations with no options other than BASE were not coming to Pipeline properly. (D-01433)


Released 5/14/2015


  • Introduction to an all new interface. (B-01455)
  • Make better use of the main Dashboard by including progress, analytics, activity and recent happenings. (B-01156)
  • Added the ability to see the history of a job by adding an all new job configuration layer that implements a sales and change order process. (B-01413, B-01479)
  • Give the Job BOM the ability to have quantities and estimates per configuration. (B-01426)
  • Added the ability for individual estimates per job configuration to be sync’d to WMS as many times as needed allowing for the current Pipeline BOM adjustments to resync to WMS. (B-01432)
  • Lot status and premium are now retrievable from Sales Simplicity for use within the eCommunity application. (B-01418)
  • Condition statements are now validated upon entry or import for validity. (B-01427)
  • New Excel export of House Quantities available. (B-01442)
  • Rather than selecting Building Phase after Building Phase to sync to WMS, you now can select as many bid items from different building phases as you’d like. (B-01445)
  • Introduction of an all new Pipeline Activity Center so you know exactly what is going on within the system. (B-01451)
  • Additional house data added to the House Import. (B-01452)
  • Implementation of a new business process management module within Pipeline allowing the user to know the progress of any house or job. (B-01454)
  • Direct Excel exports now available (B-01468, B-01472)
  • Ability to copy worksheet products to a house option or custom option without rekeying them in. (B-01469, B-01471)
  • Enhance Builder Houses and Options API. (B-01474, B-01477)
  • New ability to subscribe to events within the system so that you get personized notifications upon login and use of the system. (B-01478)
  • Manage which house or job process steps you’d like to see in Pipeline. (B-01480)
  • Ability to “Close” a job which will separate it from the active jobs in different displays. (B-01495)
  • Pipeline Starts Connector now works off the new Pipeline Business Process steps. (B-01496)
  • Pipeline Starts Connector directory can now be set to Pipeline house name or plan number. (B-01536)
  • A Pipeline Notebook entry can now be promoted to a Job. (B-01497)
  • Upload floor plan SVG files for eHome directly within Pipeline. (B-01494)
  • Logging has been moved from XML storage to database for performance improvements on viewing of data. (B-01505)
  • Split the queue data storage into two seperate tables to improve performance. (B-01513)
  • Building Phase Import Tax Status. (B-01542)
  • House BOM status report allowing user to see all houses and options and their House quantity import date, house bom generation date and sync to wms date while highlighting the rows in which the import date is greater than the generation date and the generation date is greater than the sync date. (B-01500)
  • WMS Items diagnostic utility that allows a read only view of the Building Phases and Items sent from Pipeline to WMS. (B-01537)


  • Fixed the Option Product Import from adding an option called “Option Name”. (D-01229)
  • House BOM page was using a common session not allowing for multiple browser tabs to be used without mixing up the data it was showing or sending to WMS. (D-01271)