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Archived Releases

Version 19.5.0

  • Added Duplicate Condition button to condition browser.
  • Level Alias now allows the use of single quotes (‘) within Level name.
  • Added additional checks for illegal characters within condition setup.
  • Removed needed selection for “LEVEL” when setting up levels on conditions.
  • Consolidated Level columns on reports to a single column called “Level”
  • Revised all “Param Name” and “Param Value” columns in condition browser to a single column called “Level Param”
  • XLS reports will generate with XML reports when triggered through the API.

Version 19.4.0

  • Removed legacy Handing Management system.
  • Implemented new Handing Management system. New system updates handing each time export takes place.
  • Added Update Handing command on ribbon, allowing user to update handing on-demand.
  • Added Add/Delete Categories tool on Condition Browser menu bar.

Version 19.3.0

  • Removed default database path if current path does not exist.
  • Added setting to control the source on XML exports.
  • Added new setting to allow for level name alias for phase on BOM exports.

Version 19.2.2

  • Hotfix: Revised export select folder dialog. Now uses modern dialog, and remembers last selected folder.

Version 19.2.1

  • Revised rounding to take place on totals instead of individual products.
  • “Like” products now combined in export XML.

Version 19.2.0

  • This version marks a complete overhaul of the X-RAY user interface. Key features are as follows:
    • New X-RAY Settings dialog featuring tabbed organization.
    • New dockable Condition Browser featuring enhanced filtering, editing and Condition results preview.
    • New Export dialog featuring simplified selections along with built-in report viewer.
  • Read/Write to X-RAY database has also been overhauled in this version. All changes are now immediately written to S3DB file making them available to all users in multi-user workflow. Export speed has also been enhanced for users working with remote S3DB file.

Version 19.1.0

  • Adjust default settings to accommodate new install location.
  • Added new 2019.0 SQL upgrade script and updated sample DB to version 2019.0
  • Added Release Notes button in About dialog.
  • Created dedicated X-RAY ribbon tab.
  • Changed database functions to work primarily with file on disk rather than in-memory.
  • Add progress indicator to Conditions form when importing playbook.

Version 19.0.0

  • X-RAY is now available for Autodesk Revit 2019.