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Revit 2023 Releases

Pipeline Connect version 2023.0

Released – 6/6/2022


Hello “Pipeline Connect

The X-RAY application has been renamed to “Pipeline Connect” in an effort to provide stronger single word clarity as to what this applications role and place is in our Pipeline ecosystem today. Built primarily to serve our Pipeline estimating platform, Pipeline Connect allows Autodesk® Revit® users to connect their projects and quantities to Pipeline assets to facilitate a more dynamic BIM sourced estimating workflow.

Over the past year, we’ve worked diligently to add features that will allow our Revit users to work more efficiently with Pipeline via a Pipeline connected workflow and with the addition of the following recent capabilities, hope you’ll agree that the name change makes sense.

  • It is now possible to directly link a Revit project to a Pipeline site with API credentials
  • House and Job material files can now be uploaded to Pipeline automatically eliminating the need for local file workflows
  • Pipeline comparison groups for LotSpec Option Sets can now be built locally with greater efficiency
  • Material files can be reviewed and validated with greater detail within the House Material Files dialog

With release 23.0 and beyond, the full product name will now be referred to as Pipeline Connect for Autodesk® Revit®. The functionality and resources available for this application for any supported version still remain the same, however you will notice some minor updates have occurred on our help site to accommodate the name change. The email will continue to remain in service for some time however we are now directing our users to use so that all Pipeline ecosystem products can be handled together.


  • Pipeline Connect for Revit (Formally X-RAY) has been upgraded to support the new Revit 2023 platform.