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August 2022 – Pipeline Sales

New Features

August 2, 2022 | Here are the new updates and features applied:

Map Buyers to Multiple Communities

Previously, we only allow for Buyers to belong in 1 Community per Division. In the recent updates, for Clients that has Lasso-CRM integration, we now have an ability to map Registrants (Buyers) in different Communities:

The Community pop-up modal will display to allow you to select additional Communities. On the screenshot you can already see on the right section, which Communities are linked to the Buyer.

added community

New Schedule Settings

We now have a dedicated Settings page for Scheduling module to handle Work Days, Buffer and future Scheduling settings.

  • Previously, buffer is fixed to be calculated up to 30% of the Total Duration of the Schedule. Currently, we now allow you to customize your Buffer percentage per Community or per Division.
  • Non-working Dates is now transferred to an adjacent tab
  • Workweek Settings is now transferred to an adjacent tab
schedule settings

Scheduling Date Format

We now have updated how we display our Scheduling Dates in Gantt Charts and List View for easier tracking.

  • Days will be shown as a single or double digit
  • The months mow displays as three characters only.
  • Year is now removed


  • For Lasso-enabled clients, we now validate when Assigning additional  communities not synced with Lasso to Registrants’ info. It will be saved locally but it will not appear in Lasso CRM app. SIU-6205
  • When an Admin user is deactivated in a User Client, and then logs on again to that client, that Admin User will then automatically be reactivated. SIU-6206
  • Customer User Groups are now displayed for Admins for easier sorting when navigating at the Waffle Menu for easier access. This applies only to Admins with permissions to this feature. SIU-6199
  • We now have improved the Search Matching when assigning User Groups to new and existing Users. SIU-5803
  • User Group page access for “Edit Company” label page access to “View Company. SIU-5825
  • In Scheduling integration, setting up Buffer can now be done per hierarchy level in Scheduling Settings page.  SIU-6128
  • Validation messages now displays when attempting to update Lot Statuses linked to a mixed Spec Homes and Configuration type. SIU-4843
  • Lasso CRM mapping to multiple Community mapping in Lasso is now working as expected. SIU-6072
  • Lasso CRM mapping to Buyer’s relationships, email address and contact # is reflecting in the Lasso app.  SIU-6075. SIU-6061.
  • BI Report template updates for Vendor Dashboard
  • When SSO Sync Claims performed, the claims for deleted users are automatically cleaned.
  • We have added a search filter when selecting for Clients from the Waffle Menu. SIU-6092