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Pipeline Sales Release Notes

New Features and Important Updates

June 23, 2022 | Here are the new updates and features applied:

Pipeline Single-Sign-On SSO is Now in Pipeline Sales

We now have completed our Migration for Pipeline Sales and Scheduling to implement Single Sign-On (SSO) since 24th of June, 2022. This will integrate user credentials throughout the Pipeline applications, when eligible against the User logged-on.

Because of this, each one of you will receive an email from us with a New Temporary Password. Please double check that the email recipient should come from

Kindly Reset your Password right away after logging in for the first time for your privacy. Please refer to the Help Video for instructions on resetting your password.

Pipeline Sales SSO Login
Your Login Information email

Waffle Menu in Pipeline Sales

You can now easily switch between different client’s data sets or Pipeline applications that you, as a Pipeline User to have access so that you can quickly access the Pipeline network of sites.

So far we only have Pipeline Sales and Scheduling listed. There will be more sites to be integrated as we move forward with more updated features to serve you better.

Waffle Menu

June 17, 2022 | Here are the new updates and features applied:

Separate the Pipeline Core Module from Sales and  Scheduling

We now have a function / switch to allow Clients only have access to Pipeline Core Module that is separated from Sales and Scheduling. The Pipeline Core only has Manage Company pages such as Option Categories, Plans, Rooms and Attributes, Manual Options and Auto Options. Admin Settings are now restricted to Manage Users, and Import/Export only.

The Assign pages are as follows: Assign Rooms per Plan, Assign Attributes per Plan, Options – Assign Qualify.

Now that Sales are separated from a Pipeline-Core-only setup, Users will not be able to access the Division modules to prevent users from accessing Sales functionalities.

Pipeline Core Module

Additional Vendor User

Vendors you work with in your contracts can now be created as Users with a Restricted page access in your Client site in Specitup. Vendors only have access to the Scheduling pages:

  1. Current Schedules
  2. Completed Schedules

Note: Clients with Pipeline Core setup does not have Scheduling access, hence Creating Vendor Users will result to Unauthorized Access. Creating Vendors are only for Clients with Specitup Scheduling feature.

Vendor User

Manage Page Access now Accessible to a Home Buyer User

Previously, Page Access management is not allowed for Registrants / Home Buyer-type since they can only access Configuration pages.

Now, Home Buyer Specitup Users can now access the Companies page, and your Company Managers can manage which Configuration pages are restricted and allowed against them.

Manage Page Access for Home Buyer

June 13, 2022 | Here are the new updates and features applied:

Access Registrants when Managing Contracts page

We already have an ability to navigate to the Manage Registrant’s Details including the added Co-Buyers when managing a particular Contract. This allows you to save time to navigate between pages without exiting the current Contract being managed.Just click the Hyperlink on the Registrants name to open a new tab to the Registrant Detail’s page:

Access Registrants Link

Additional Pagination in Manage pages to Improve Performance

Eventually the list of Sales data created against a Community and Phase will increase over time. To improve performance, we have added a pagination functionality to only load a few data at a time. This is applied on the following pages:

  1. Manage Configuration page
  2. Manage Registrants page
  3. Mange Home Buyer page
  4. Manage Lots page
Additional Pagination

Filtering on Manage Pages are Now Retained After Exiting and Saving Changes

To help filter out results when managing specific data at a time, drop down filters are now retained after changes are saved and exiting from the page.

Filters will reset whenever Users manually navigate to the Manage pages again. This feature is in place on the following Pipeline Sales pages:

  1. Manage Selections Page
  2. Manage Registrants page
  3. Manage Configurations page
  4. Manage Configurations by Registrants page
  5. Manage Current Schedules page
Filtering on Manage Pages