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Revit 2022 Releases

Pipeline X-RAY version 2022.1

Released: 12/3/2021


  • Enhanced the Pipeline Value dialog for Condition Mapping by adding a Get all Types function to the right click menu which provides a bulk creation dialog for family Types found within the active project. This will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the Pipeline Value creation process.
  • Enhanced all Condition Mapping dialogs to give the user additional tools to Duplicate existing, Delete multiple entries at once, use Save & New when adding multiple entries, and use a ‘Select Element’ feature when adding or editing parameter aliases which will provide a list of parameters associated with the selected reference. These changes are aimed at improving the creation and management efficiency for all Condition Mapping dialogs.
  • Performance improvements have been made to the Condition Browser Preview (up to 40%), the View X-RAY Items function (up to 50%) and the Export dialog (up to 10%). These results may vary depending on database size, database location (local versus network) and PC specifications.
  • The Comparison Groups dialog can now support up to 5 levels of sub-comparisons when coupled with Pipeline 2021.2 or greater. This will allow users to build comparisons where all entries can be compared back to a single and common Base as opposed to the one level method used currently that results in multiple Base’s per elevation.
  • When using a Pipeline connected workflow and using the Export dialog to report by Base, the Import type for Pipeline will be appropriately set to “No Modifications” so that this information can go directly to report in Pipeline without the need to go through a comparison group first.
  • The Import Preview function within the House Material Files dialog will now also reveal any missing Options not found in Pipeline in addition to any missing Products.
  • Enhanced the House Material Files dialog to allow users to delete multiple material files at once to add more efficiency to the management of this information.
  • Added a check box toggle to the Level Alias settings to allow for the level parameter to also be reported as the Pipeline phase code in all exports. This will allow imported key measures to go directly into key measure phases per the level they occurred on and bypass the need for phase rules altogether which could simplify setup and maintenance Pipeline side. Consult your Pipeline Estimating team on whether or not to use this toggle depending on how your Pipeline rules have been setup.
  • Removed the Initiate Comparisons button from the House Material Files dialog as the Pipeline connected workflow and feature sets are currently intended to limit Drafting teams to material uploads and quantity review. Activities related to plus/minus execution and house BOM updates are to remain within the domain of properly trained Pipeline users and will occur within Pipeline.
  • When duplicating a condition within the condition browser, the values within the range group settings will now be maintained within the duplication resulting in less time spent redefining this information.
  • When creating new conditions with the Add button and choosing to select a reference, the category field will now be populated according to the category of the selected reference resulting in one less field to manually define for that condition.
  • When working in the Range Groups settings tab, It is now possible to perform a Find & Replace on values within the KM Display Value or Description Display Value columns which will improve the flexibility and efficiency of maintaining this information.

Upgrade Notes

  • To fully support multilevel sub-comparison groups, customers must upgrade to Pipeline 2021.2 or newer.
  • If using LotSpec for Revit and creating comparison groups within Pipeline X-RAY, customers must upgrade both LotSpec for Revit and Pipeline X-RAY to 2022.1 for this release specifically.

Pipeline X-RAY version 2022.0

Released 7/16/2021


  • X-RAY is now available for the Autodesk Revit 2022 platform.
  • Added error checking for Pipeline settings to look for leading and trailing spaces for the following fields: Pipeline Site, Port, and Username.
  • The Email Support button within the About dialog will now direct users to to centralize all communications related to products within the Pipeline ecosystem.
  • API revised to update configuration information when passed from LotSpec to X-RAY during Option Set solves.


  • Fixed the displayed products and selected file configuration information within the House Material Files dialog when there is no configuration.