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LotSpec for AutoCAD® Architecture

LotSpec is a Smarter way to manage your Options

Designed for the modern day production home builder, LotSpec provides a powerful option management infrastructure for Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD Architecture that allows for the efficient support of many structural options using intuitive rules, smart tools and flexible workflows. LotSpec brings automation to the process of creating lot specific documents used for permitting and construction and also includes a powerful set of tools for building master plan documentation used for bidding and approval processes.

Advantages of LotSpec

  • Build option selection lists, option packages and option sets intuitively with organizational freedom.
  • Create option selection rules with interactive feedback to help eliminate errors related to unsupported option combinations.
  • Leverage several option types to apply rules to project elements for displacement or in-place parametric changes with onscreen labels to validate LotSpec relationships.
  • Manage option upon option scenarios with nested poly options.
  • Produce lot specific projects and documentation that show exactly what is required for construction with LotSpec solve automation.
  • Assemble master plan documentation using solved option set combinations and Quick Sheets tools for more efficient master sheet development.

Supercharge Job Production with LotSpec Remote

LotSpec Remote was created with rapid job automation in mind and is ideal for production builders wishing to dramatically increase their lot specific volume with simplicity and maximum efficiency. LotSpec Remote plays the role of a 24-7 dedicated job processor that monitors a queue for incoming lot or option set job types and frees up computing resources for the drafting team. Users of any role can dispatch lot jobs to LotSpec Remote from within a local area network.

Benefits of LotSpec Remote

  • A fully automated low touch system that adds significant power to your production workflow.
  • Frees up drafting resources to do more while solves are processed remotely.
  • Will process both Lot and Option Set job types.
  • Sends email notifications upon job completion with project location and published documents as PDF or DWF format.
  • Team members outside of the drafting team can issue jobs using the LotSpec Dispatch utility.