AutoCAD 2021 Releases

LotSpec for AutoCAD Architecture version 2021.0.2

Release Date 3/24/2021


  • Fixed an issue with Remote Server crashing when multiple Option Sets from the same project are solving on “multiple” Server sessions. The crashing was caused by the opening of the Default Project at the end of each Option Set order. This was addressed by disabling the open Default Project action at the end of each order. This may result in Server sessions having live projects active when orders are done.

LotSpec for AutoCAD Architecture version 2021.0.1

Release Date 1/18/2021


  • Fixed issue with PatternName property no longer being available when using the Property Option tool.

LotSpec for AutoCAD Architecture version 2021.0

Release Date 12/18/2020

New Features

Layer Option

The new Layer Option type allows users to apply option rules to layers within Views, Constructs, or Elements and can be accessed from the LotSpec Settings dialog under the Layer Option tab. The Layer Option works similarly to the Object Option and will affect all objects assigned to the layer. The Layer Option type could be used to manipulate dashed optional line work that might need to be kept for option sets, become solid when selected for lot specific solves or removed when not selected for lot specific solves. Video Available.

Roof Lines Tool

The new Roof Line tool was created to make the process of drawing intersecting 3D roof slabs at various pitches easier to accomplish, and requires the use of AEC roof objects. The Roof Line tool will create yellow colored lines in the plan view where selected roof slabs will intersect, allowing the user to align to these lines while refining the footprint of the roof slabs. The Roof Lines will be automatically deleted in solved views and when running the Roof Line tool subsequently, but can also be manually deleted. Video Available.


LotSpec will now create a SheetSchedule.csv file when solving and store it in the root project folder based on the results of the Lot sheet option rules. Users can data link this file to an AutoCAD sheet schedule to produce a dynamic sheet schedule for use on a cover sheet that updates after solving. Video Available.


  • LotSpec is now compatible with AutoCAD Architecture 2021.
  • Poly Option boxes can now be double clicked to open the Edit Poly Option dialog as an alternative to selecting the polyline first, then clicking on the Poly Option feature.
  • The Property Option has been enhanced to expose additional string or text type properties that were not previously available. When applying a Property Option to dimensions for example, the user will now see properties for DimensionText, AlternatePrefix, etc.
  • The LotSpec and Remote Server applications have been combined into a single installation and a single license key can now control what products become available to the user depending on features requested. Existing Remote Server users can email to have older Server keys replaced when upgrading to this new version.
  • The About dialog has been revised to allow the user to Activate a license in addition to being able to Deactivate a license and also includes a new Purchase License link that will navigate the user to the Simpson Strong-Tie Builder/LBM Solutions Marketplace.
  • The LotSpec License Activation Wizard now includes a “Request Trial License” button. This will provide a simple request form that will automatically email the user a Trial license key.
  • The LotSpec application is now digitally signed and certified.


  • LotSpec will now properly load after launching AutoCAD using a STARTUP mode value of 2.