Fall 2020.3

RELEASED 11/23/2020

New Features

Bid Cost Revamp

In an effort to continue the improvements that were made in the previous release, we now have Conditionalized Bid Products, giving users more granular functionality and control.  Additionly,  we added a Product Name and Description for Bid Products to Purchase orders.   This makes Purchase Orders more descriptive.    BOMs are updated to now show Building Phases, regardless of them having products, if they are considered Phase Bids.

House Quantity Import Revamp

The process of importing house quantities has been re-designed to be more fluid, intuitive, and user friendly.  This revamp retained the previous functionality while making the workflow easier to bring in data from Xray or Revit into Pipeline.  The new design follows a linear, step by step workflow that allows the user to see which files they are working with throughout the entire process.  Users are able to “Select All” when new Options or Products are created during the import, which will save time by reducing clicks during importing.

Process and Workflow Improvements

In an effort to make Pipeline easier to use for new and experienced users, we began this work by looking at typical processes and procedures and identifying areas that could be improved.  Pipeline is updated with new copying capabilities where copying didn’t exist before, and enhanced copy capabilities where it was already possible.   Adding options to houses and communities has been made easier across Pipeline by adding more search and filtering capabilities to option lists.

SpecItUp Scheduling Integration

Pipeline now has the ability to sync with Specitup.  Specitup sync settings are managed through the Pipeline interface in the Settings.  Pipeline is capable of syncing Master Scheduling Activities from Specitup.  Building Phases from Pipeline can be assigned to the Scheduling Activities from Specitup.  Pipeline is now logging Purchase Order change events in preparation for future enhancements to sync those events with Specitup.

Supplemental to Bid

Supplemental items have been introduced to a phase bid in Pipeline.  This gives the user functionality that they have previously seen with Product Supplementals.  This information can now be seen on the BOM and Estimate pages on both a Job and House.

Spec Set Enhancement

Usability improvements were made to the Spec Sets in Pipeline.  Spec Sets assigned to the Spec Set Groups can now be viewed on the Spec Set Groups page via a subgrid, allowing more visibility with fewer clicks.  Spec Sets can now be exported individually.  Wording in the Export dropdown has been updated to be more intuitive.  Unused UI components have been removed while other UI components have been updated to be more consistent with the design of the rest of Pipeline.


  • The ability to record system settings changes on the Settings pages has been added to the User Activity Log page.  S-04416
  • The job quantity import process, in Pipeline, is now updated with the new BIMImport tables so that we can have direct integration from BIM apps.  S-04465
  • The Mapped Option Number(s) column on the House BOM has been updated to include data from the native Pipeline option mappings if the BuilderMT Integration is turned off.  S-03996
  • The Cover sheet on all Excel exports is now removed.  S-04281
  • A new button has been added to the Approved Purchase Orders page as part of the NAV integration.  The button will mark purchase orders as “Completed” in Nav.  S-04298
  • In the Products page of Pipeline the text of the setting menu items is changed from “Product” to “Products” and from “Field” to “Fields”.  S-04467
  • For the job BOM Excel report, the data table sort order is changed to “Option Number, Building Phase Code, Product Name, and Use Name”.  S-04294
  • Pipeline has been updated to show Customer field In the Job add/edit/view page  when not using Pathway, and hiding it when using Pathway.  S-04308
  • In the Cost Comparison page, the Generate Cost Comparison modal is updated to allow switching the selected Building Phase and selecting multiple vendors.  S-04460
  • A dropdown with a hover help icon has been added to Pipeline to view the options list by different formats on the Add Options Modal of the Community Options page, the Community House Options page, the House Options page, and the House Sales Options page.  Two other dropdowns have also been added to filter options list by Option Groups and Cost Groups on the Add Options Modal of those pages.   S-04461
  • The Budgets, Purchase Order, and Variance Purchase Order pages in Pipeline have been updated to include product description.  S-04309
  • A Help icon has been added on the upper right corner on most pages in Pipeline.   This will provide a list to all help links about that page.  S-04297
  • Pipeline has been updated to include GetComparisonGroup API calls to return a collection of comparison groups based on a house asset ID.  S-04206
  • AddUpdateComparisonGroup, AddUpdateSetComparisonGroup API calls are installed in Pipeline to set or order a collection of comparison groups for a specific asset.  S-04213


  • On the Community/House document page in Pipeline, the documents managing is now fixed for sysadmin.  D-02465
  • In Pipeline, the “Completed Jobs over Total Jobs” pie chart is now restored on the Dashboard.  D-02483
  • The Homefront/HouseAndGlobalBOM/COVE/ACES  API calls are fixed to ensure a user does not encounter an error when an option_number is not numeric.  D-02476
  • Certain configurations of subcomponents were not appearing correctly in the UI.  This would occur when identical subcomponents existed in different building phases at the top level.  This issue in Pipeline is now resolved.  D-02477
  • The page sizing functionality in the Spec Set page of Pipeline is restored.  D-02517
  • The paging functionality in the Division Vendors page of Pipeline is restored.  D-02513
  • The page sizing functionality in the Vendor Current Estimates  page of Pipeline is restored.  D-02516
  • Pipeline has been updated so that  Parent Option quantities are not applied to child options with a non empty dependent condition.  D-02478
  • Pipeline functionality of the Job BOM Sync from WMS, for the BuilderMT integration, has been restored.  D-02489
  • Pipeline functionality of the “Test Connection” button in the BuildPro Integration Settings has been restored.  D-02493
  • Fixed an issue where in rare cases, syncing communities to BuildPro could fail.  D-02495
  • Pipeline has been updated to allow cost group to be set to none.  D-02501
  • The functionality of vendor change requests has been restored in Pipeline for the 2020.3 release.  D-02503
  • Creating new Style feature is now restored in Pipeline.  D-02525
  • Previously in Pipeline,  Purchase Orders were not showing up in the Approved Purchase Orders page. This has been resolved.  D-02518
  • Pipeline has been updated so that  products can not be deleted if they belong to a Category.  D-02529
  • Pipeline has been updated to include a fix to the character limit in the Product Description column in NAV.  Previously, Product Descriptions being longer than 50 characters could cause the NAV Purchase Order sync to fail partially.  D-02526
  • The BIM Import Data field limitation is increased to a minimum safe value of 50 characters.  D-02479