Pipeline Release Notes

New Features and Important Updates

Version 2020

Spring 2020.1

Released 5/1/2020 74 days ago

Custom Fields have been added to Houses, Estimates, Products and Options. The Sales Pricing and Costing has been enhanced to analyze pending future prices and costs. Added the ability to move Reconciled Product Quantities occurring from Job Imports to their actual Options or Custom Options on the Job Quantities page.

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Winter 2020.0

Released 1/27/2020 169 days ago

Users can now use the new Options Pricing tool in the Sales Pricing module. The Historic Costing feature gives users the ability to import and export future costs as well as a page that shows previous product costs as well as a future cost with an effective date. Users can now create Community Phases.

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Version 2019

Fall 2019.3

Released 10/18/2019 270 days ago

Summer 2019.2

Released 7/26/2019 354 days ago

Spring 2019.1

Released 4/12/2019 459 days ago

Winter 2019.0

Released 1/18/2019 543 days ago

Version 2018 and prior

Version 2018

Released 10/15/2018 638 days ago

Version 5

Released 11/17/2017 970 days ago

Version 4

Released 3/13/2017 1,219 days ago