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Pipeline Training

Pipeline | Pre-Req

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This course is your introduction to Pipeline. It is designed for new participants and fosters readiness for software implementation. Pipeline is a web-based, rules-driven, material management system that utilizes Key Measurements taken from a BIM model, 2D estimating software, or by hand and loaded into Pipeline.  Welcome, we hope you enjoy it and cannot wait for you to get started.

Pipeline | Communities

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This first introductory level course will familiarize you with Pipeline’s interface and cover common language used for Pipeline specifically. While demonstrating these key features you will also learn the beginning phases of establishing your network within the software.

Pipeline | Houses

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This second introductory level course will build upon the communities created in the first course and further explore Pipeline’s tracking capabilities. By building houses and assigning options, we are preparing Pipeline to generate BOM’s.

Pipeline | Estimating

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This third introductory level course will advance your knowledge of Pipeline by showcasing the software’s dynamic assembly process. By creating relationships from 2D takeoffs and assets created in Pipeline we will demonstrate how to accurately forecast a potential BOM.

Pipeline | Purchasing

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This fourth introductory level course will guide you on how to create job budgets based on purchase orders, quantities, and costs from your projected estimates. Additionally due to Pipelines versatility this course will walk you through creating cost classifications with purchasing and accounting systems.