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Winter 2021.0

Released 3/5/2021

New Features

Comparison Groups

The Import Comparison Group add/update API calls now can set Included Options or Included configurations.  Additionally, API endpoint has been created to allow comparison group to be deleted from a house.  This work was done so the Comparison group setup can be shared between Pipeline and X-Ray. The same functionality for deleting comparison groups was also added. This process can now be done in Pipeline or X-Ray and shared to the other system.

Costing Engine Rework

In this version, the Costing Engine has been updated to be more powerful.  This is accomplished by following the BOM Engine 2.0 structure.  All estimate generation is now updated to the new Costing Engine.

LBM Framer Update to Builder

Enhancements to the Options add Product add modal have been made for version 2021.  These enhancements will help the performance of the modal loading time.  There is also added “Use Category Between Building Phase and Product Dropdowns” as a new setting.  Products fields are faster loading and user experience is improved.

Pipeline API & Storage Updates for X-Ray Connections

In version 2021, an additional endpoint has been added to the Pipeline API that returns the contents from a house material file that is currently stored within a house.  Additionally, an endpoint has been added to the Pipeline API that will delete the selected house material file that is currently stored within a house.  After the initial upload of house BOM information from X-Ray, users now have a way to more effectively preview and test the information without overriding an established House BOM in Pipeline. New API endpoint will return a list of any Key Measures that are in the house BOM files that do not exist in Pipeline and a list of any options that do not exist in Pipeline.

Pipeline Specitup Workflow Completion

A user can now add/update/delete Lots, Community Phases, Community Phase/Lot assignments, and Community Phase/House assignments via the Pipeline API.  This allows the workflow between Specitup and Pipeline to be complete.  Further, options which were created by Specitup are flagged, allowing the user to recognize those options when they are moved into Pipeline.  Version 2021 includes enhancements allowing Specitup and Pipeline to communicate when a purchase order status  is changed.

Specitup Scheduling Integration

A user is now able to pass information between Specitup scheduling and Pipeline so that they the user is able to complete the process of sending job purchase orders to accounting.  This enables the user to know when building phase and scheduling activities have been completed.  Users can also now see the job schedule from Specitup in Pipeline so they can see the status of the job without jumping in between software applications.  Scheduling activities are read only.


  • Pipeline now  has the ability to update a Job’s Community or House or Lot sub-objects upon calling the Jobs API endpoint AddUpdateJobConfiguration.  S-04689
  • Pipeline allows a user to be able to delete Building Groups from the list page as a bulk action.  S-04671
  • The Job Quantities XML export is updated to match  import header columns.  Header ‘estimatetype’ has also been added in this version.   S-04912
  • Functionality exists to now migrate xml files from 2020.2 database to 2020.3 database without the need to re-import old quantities.  S-04945
  • The Playbook is now updated with the new product import format that added the sku field.  S-04680
  • When API method is used, text file removed from AddUpdateJobConfiguration.  S-04716
  • Pipeline is updated to not reset the product field in sublogic setup, when Building Phase is specified to something other than “All Building Phases”.  S-04715
  • Vendor page headers are updated to be consistently displayed throughout all Vendor pages.   S-04754
  • Pipeline rounding settings is updated so that a user can always round towards the positive side of zero.  S-04753
  • Pipeline is updated with a  “Add Use” button in the add subcomponents modal just like “Add Calculation” to add & use it right away in the dropdown list.  S-04864
  • Incoming BuildPro EPO is updated to include 1 or more lines in parsing, and ReasonCode field now accepts 20 characters.  This allows proper processing by Pipeline.   S-04831
  • The drop down list of export HouseBom is now moved into a modal & include new building phase filter for CSV, XML & Excel.  S-04750
  • Pipeline now has updated BOM Tracing for Parent/Child quantities to be displayed more clearly.  S-04140
  • Pipeline 2021 displays simple text in the side navigation so that the UI is not deemed cluttered.  S-04961
  • Version 2021 includes two new settings to the Sage 300 CRE integration settings page – Root URI & API Token.  S-04936
  • Pipeline now offers greater flexibilty when working in the Purchasing module.  A user can more easily cancel and reissue a purchase order or budget in version 2021.  S-04701
  • Pipeline House Copy functionality has been updated to include  options for “Include All House Options”, “Include All Sales Options”, and “Include Sales Option Logic”.  S-04608
  • The Download document icon in the Playbook Template page has been divided into 4 parts based on the modules such as Asset, Estimating, Costing and Purchasing. Each new button will export the template which belonged to their module.  S-04863
  • A more in depth copy process, to copy communities that have similar data setups, is now included.  This allows a user to decrease the amount of time  spent on setting up new communities.  S-04624
  • Pipeline now has a more in depth copy process to copy houses that have similar data setups.  This allows a user to decrease the amount of time  spent on setting up new houses.  S-04609
  • The ability now exists to copy Custom Options to regular Options, so that when a Custom Option becomes popular and is reused,  it can easily transition to being a standardized option.  This includes: 1. Add a button that says “Copy to Option” on the Custom Option Details page. 2. Display a modal that allows the user to enter the option data to be copied over. 3. Display a success message and close the modal.  S-04807
  • Help Links are now added to Pipeline pages automatically through a feed from the help site.  This allows users a more direct path to specific help documentation.  S-04415
  • New Advanced Copy functionality has been added to Pipeline that will allow a user to quickly copy products, making initial data setup less cumbersome.    A loading icon indicating that the system is processing the user request has also been installed.  S-04868


  • Previously Pipeline was sending Completed Purchase Orders to NAV but sometimes did not update the grid correctly.  This is now fixed.  D-02576
  • Pipeline would display an error page when attempting to delete Units that have products.  Now a user will see the appropriate error message when a Unit has Products.  D-02556
  • Previously, when on the Custom Options page, an error would occur when selecting a custom option.  This has been fixed.  D-02656
  • Pipeline version 2021 fixes bugs found within the Copy Custom Options functionality.   D-02583
  • Using the Building Phase dropdown filter on HomeFront integration pages would cause an error.  This has been fixed.  D-02572
  • Pipeline 2021 is updated so that the HomeFront ProductsAndBuildingPhases API call do not error out during certain setups.   D-02570
  • Previously,  Pipeline was not canceling purchase orders when requested, yet was showing a “Successfully Cancelled Selected PO” message.   This is now resolved.  D-02625
  • Building Group Details  Code text field would not update, and Description text field would update, but displayed an error message.  Text fields are now displaying correctly.  D-02558
  • When BOM quantities is removed successfully, proper user notification is displayed.  D-02609
  • This task fix the subcomponent issue when show products with description over 100 characters.  D-02636
  • The SQL store has been updated to allow the Waste column to autofill a value of 0 when the input is null.  D-02611
  • A filter has been added to  the “code” column  of Vendor/Base Cost, and an  error from Product/Mfr/Style  filter has been fixed in this version.  D-02610
  • API code has been  updated to avoid error whether or not a job has a cutoff phase.   D-02536
  • Previously, in the Homefront Products and Building Phases API call, a Builder MT setting was referenced.  This is now updated so that Builder MT is removed.  D-02573
  • Product and Style Conversion Add button was missing on the Spec Sets page when using Firefox  browser Developer Edition.  This is now resolved.  D-02545
  • Users now have the  ability to import Option Specific  Job Quantities to a Job in Pipeline.   D-02646
  • Previously, users initiating Start Modification Setup in V1 of the house qty import process were getting an error message.  This has been fixed.   D-02641
  • The export of spec set products did not include the original  use and new use columns that are required on the spec set product import page.  These columns are now added .  D-02608
  • Pipeline is updated to resolve an issue that would occure when a user would delete a Building Phase Rule, an error message was displayed instead of a success message.   Additionally, the grid would not reload to show the item was deleted.    D-02540
  • Previously, during the phase import process,  Pipeline was not verifying headers before importing, causing upload errors.   Version 2021 addresses this issue.  D-02533
  • The BuilderMT House/Option sync would not work if the SpecItUp integration was running.  This has been fixed.  D-02557
  • Pipeline is updated to fix an issue where previously  BIM Imports could not be deleted in the UI in certain setups.   D-02539
  • A user, signed in under an admin role, will no longer encounter sales assignments tied to Pathway interefring with Costing assignments.  D-02514
  • Previously the export for House BOMs,  using the HomeFront integration, would not export for communities other than the master community. This is fixed.  D-02569
  • Previously, Categories could not be imported in some situations. This issue has been resolved.  D-02637
  • Each returned comparison group was including the list of all options assigned in the house comparisons.  Pipeline now only returns the options associated to the individual comparison group.  D-02595