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Revit 2021 Releases

LotSpec for Revit version 2021.2.1

Released 11/15/2021


  • LotSpec Remote will now properly suppress errors & warnings that are “suppressible” when solving Lot Jobs as it already does for Option Set Jobs which will help prevent LotSpec Remote from becoming frozen until manually resolved.

LotSpec for Revit version 2021.2

The Auto Dim Release 6/9/2021

New Features

Interior Auto Dimensioning

LotSpec’s new Interior Auto Dimensioning capability can help ease the creation of interior wall dimensions due to the displaced nature of a fully optioned project and allows users to focus more of their dimensioning related effort around the common content area. Interior Auto Dimensions work by converting ordinary detail lines that were drawn in a floor plan view into dimension strings. Detail lines that have been converted with the new Interior Dimension tool will be replaced with dimension strings during solve and will reference any Revit walls that the detail lines intersect according to the interior auto dimension settings.

Among the many new settings available for interior auto dimensions is the Wall Dimension Mode which provides control over which side of the wall the dimension will reference such as exterior, interior, both, or none. Many levels of override control are also available such as project, view, wall type, and selected wall element to provide flexibility of how and where the walls will be dimensioned throughout the project. Interior auto dimensions and interior wall overrides are available as option labels and can also be managed from within the option browser.

Interior Dimensions within Exterior Dimension Strings

With the introduction of the interior auto dimension, it is now possible to include interior wall dimensions into exterior auto dimensions as an additional dimension string. This is accomplished by drawing detail lines just inside the perimeter of the floor plan, converting them with the Interior Dimension tool and assigning them to a specific exterior orientation.

Hide Dimensions Setting

A new Hide Dimensions setting is available for both interior and exterior auto dimensions that will prevent dimension values of a specified size from displaying in the dimension string, such as wall thickness that is less than or equal to 3 ½” for example.

Relocate Dimensions Setting

A new Relocate Dimensions as Needed setting is available for both interior and exterior auto dimensions that automatically relocates dimension text that is too big to fit within the extension lines or overlaps with another dimension.

Omit Overall Setting

A new Omit Overall setting is available for exterior auto dimensions and can be used to hide the outer most overall exterior dimension string for any exterior orientation. This will be useful in circumstances where fully dimensioned floor plans of certain scales need a little more room to properly fit on a sheet.

Learning Resource Additions

Video – Interior Auto Dimensions
Video – Exterior Auto Dimensions
Documentation – Auto Dim Settings – Exterior

Documentation – Auto Dim Settings – Interior
Documentation – Exterior Opening Dimension Tool
Documentation – Interior Dimension Tool
Documentation – Interior Wall Override Tool


  • A new Auto Dimension panel has been added to the LotSpec menu to house all settings and tools related to auto dimensioning. Auto dimension settings will no longer appear within the LotSpec Settings dialog. The Exterior Opening Dimension tool has been moved to the Auto Dimension panel.


  • The Find & Replace utility now properly updates Batch options and Solve Routines which will also be included in the Find & Replace activity log. The Find & Replace utility has also been revised to prevent the partial replacement of Option Codes.
  • The use of the @ symbol for relative numeric values now works properly for Property and Batch Property options.
  • Option Group and Option selection rules will now be properly updated when renaming Option and Option Group codes.

LotSpec for Revit version 2021.1

Release Date 2/19/2021


  • LotSpec for Revit is now also available in the Autodesk App Store as a Trial.
  • A new setting to ‘Reload Linked CAD files after Option Sets Solve’ has been added to the General tab of the Settings dialog. This setting will be toggled on by default to align with previous release functionality but can be toggled off for scenarios where manually reloading the CAD files may be preferred, such as avoiding the ‘Nothing found in Model Space’ related solve warnings that would occur when using sheet based CAD links for schedules.
  • When renaming Option Sets in the Options Palette, LotSpec will now update the Export View Option Sets settings defined within the Master Set Settings.
  • LotSpec for Revit is now digitally signed and certified.
  • The LotSpec for Revit License Activation Wizard now includes a Software EULA page and a “Request Trial License” button which will provide a request form that will automatically email the user a trial license key.
  • The About dialog has been revised to allow the user to Activate a license in addition to being able to Deactivate a license and also includes a new Purchase License link that will navigate the user to the Simpson Strong-Tie Builder/LBM Solutions Marketplace.
  • The Solved Project Options list that would lock the Settings dialog when active in a solved project has been removed. The LotSpec ribbon menu will always be disabled when active in a solved project that is located within the SOLVED or SOLVED SETS folders.
  • The LotSpec and Remote Server applications have been combined into a single installation and a single license key can now control what products become available to the user depending on features requested. Existing Remote Server users can email to have older Server keys replaced when upgrading to this new version.
  • Solves performed on the LotSpec Remote Server will now log to the Solve History for the project being solved.


  • When cloning Revit linked views on a sheet using Quick Sheets, LotSpec will now only assign the original view scope box to new views if they are of the same view plane orientation, such as Front to Back or Left to Right. This will prevent issues with skewed cloned views when the new view is of a different view plane orientation, which is not a problem with CAD linked views that are all in plan orientation.

LotSpec Remote Dispatch version 2.0.1

Released 10/27/2020


  • Remote Dispatch will now prompt the user with an error log if issues arise from copying job folders. This will make it easier to troubleshoot the nature of the problem if it occurs.
  • Remote Dispatch will now automatically trim any leading or trailing spaces from the job name when submitting a job, which would produce an error and not allow the job to be processed correctly.

LotSpec for Revit version 2021.0.1

Released 9/9/2020


  • LotSpec will now automatically reload .DWG files after option set solving is complete.
  • The ability to specify which .DWG files will solve per Option Set has been returned to the Master Set Settings dialog.


  • Fixed issue where solving Option Sets by Sheet View was not passing option selections during solve.

LotSpec for Revit version 2021.0

Released 8/28/2020


  • LotSpec is now available for Autodesk Revit 2021.