Revit 2021 Releases

LotSpec Remote Dispatch 2.0.1

Released 10/27/2020


  • Remote Dispatch will now prompt the user with an error log if issues arise from copying job folders. This will make it easier to troubleshoot the nature of the problem if it occurs.
  • Remote Dispatch will now automatically trim any leading or trailing spaces from the job name when submitting a job, which would produce an error and not allow the job to be processed correctly.


LotSpec for Revit Version 2021.0.1

Released 9/9/2020


  • LotSpec will now automatically reload .DWG files after option set solving is complete.
  • The ability to specify which .DWG files will solve per Option Set has been returned to the Master Set Settings dialog.


  • Fixed issue where solving Option Sets by Sheet View was not passing option selections during solve.


LotSpec for Revit Version 2021.0

Released 8/28/2020


  • LotSpec is now available for Autodesk Revit 2021.