Release Notes

Version 20.1.0 – 02/04/2020

  • You can now work with BIM 360 projects using LotSpec’s new cloud model settings dialog.
  • The transform rotate option now properly defaults to the unit of degrees instead of radians.
  • You can now use the property option to target values within nested family type parameters as intended.
  • The solve log no longer contains invalid characters that might provoke a crash.
  • The exterior auto dimensions now properly include opening locations when determining the initial offset.
  • LotSpec will no longer crash if the user activates the ribbon menu prior to saving a detached central model.
  • You now have an optional setting to allow for automatic purging of solved option set files to assist with file size optimization.
  • You will now see an indicator on the ribbon menu that will communicate when a new version of LotSpec is available.
  • LotSpec solve processing has been further optimized to better support extremely large projects.
  • LotSpec will now save your previous option and option set selections in all solve dialogs.
  • You will now see a user-specific lotspec.xml file in the project folder to store local user selections as opposed to combining everything into one file which can create issues with workshared workflows.
  • Settings pertaining to master set workflow have been separated from the core settings and moved to the master set tools panel. See our new interface changes here.
  • The export DWG’s toggle has been removed from the core settings and will now be determined by the master set tools settings configuration.
  • The update CAD links tool has been removed due to changes in the way LotSpec displays relative paths for links in the new option set links dialog.
  • You can now use the option set links dialog to insert Revit projects for Revit linked workflows.
  • You can now use the new CAD link views feature to automate the creation of .DWG based master set views post option set solve.
  • You can now use the new Revit link views feature to automate the creation of Revit link-based master set views post option set solve.
  • The quick sheets feature has been relocated to the master set tools panel.
  • The quick sheets dialog is now a dockable palette and the UI has been updated to better expose functions previously only available in the right click menu.
  • The quick sheets clone and insert views functions now work for both Revit project linked views and CAD linked views.
  • You may now use the purge unused feature to delete unused option set views from the project and unused files from the project folder.
  • When renaming option sets, LotSpec will now automatically update the SOLVED SETS folder name, all option set file names, all project option set view names and any parameters specified in map parameters that reference option set values, such as sorting parameters.
  • LotSpec now creates supporting .XML files adjacent to each solved option set Revit and .DWG file to assist the new CAD link views and Revit link views features.
  • The mirror solve functionality has been improved to better handle elements that are not easily seen by the user and also for better error handling.
  • The original preview solve & partial solve features have been returned to the solve panel.
  • You may notice that several command names, dialog headers, and tooltips have been revised for uniformity & spelling.
  • You can now access the LotSpec help site directly by hovering over the ribbon menu while pressing the F1 key.


Version 20.0.0

  • Upgrade to Revit 2020


Version: 19.6.0

  • Revised licensing system and About dialog.


Version 19.5.1

  • Hotfix: Validating individual object categories during solve to prevent solve failure.


Version 19.5.0

  • Now skipping individual group objects during solve.
  • Added “Disable Analytical Models” command to tools dropdown. This tool disables analytical models for all objects in project.
  • Added “Load Auto Dimension Family” button to the settings dialog.
  • Added “Create Default” primary solve view to the settings dialog.
  • Added “Worksets” tab to Settings dialog. Includes “Preserve Worksets” setting along with table for assigning option rules to Worksets.
  • Added “Export DWG’s” setting to general tab. If not checked, settings related to exporting DWG’s will not be shown.
  • Added “Mirror Project” to solve options sets dialog. When checked, solved Option Set folders/files will be prefixed with “M”.
  • Reorganized the “General” tab in settings dialog.
  • Removed enable/disable of Option Sets based on Export DWG selection in Solve Option Sets dialog. Note: Exported DWG’s will still be limited to export views selected for each Option Set in settings dialog.
  • Removed limited view solving in all solve dialogs (Partial, Project, Option Sets). All “Solve Views” will always be solved for now.
  • Enhanced performance of “Scope Box Select” tool. Note: Tool will now open all applicable project views and leave open after tool is complete.
  • Reorganized user interface.


Version: 19.4.0

  • LotSpec is now compatible with workshared projects.
  • Added second tab to Solve Option Sets dialog for solving used Option Sets/Views.
  • Added Solve History command to view previous solve information including error/warnings.
  • Export Solve View settings removed. No longer needed with addition of Primary Solve View.
  • Fixed issue with Options Panel not reloading after editing Option Selection.
  • Added new Description property for Option Sets. New property can be used in Master Set parameter mapping.
  • Now renaming and re-pathing Master Set Views and CAD Links when Option Set Code edited.
  • Now updating Master Set Mapped Parameters when Option Set Code/Name/Description edited.
  • Now skipping Camera objects when solving scope boxes. This to prevent 3D views from being deleted.
  • Added warning before creating new lotspec.xml file when entering Settings. This for when lotspec.xml is missing rather than starting a new project.
  • Now undoing DWG import during Solve Option Sets when newly created link is invalid. The likely cause of an invalid link is due to an empty DWG file.


Version: 19.3.1

  • Hotfix: Now forcing document regenerate after solving property options. This should ensure 3D graphics reflect property changes.


Version: 19.3.0

  • Added Label Option Rule Errors command.
  • Added Option Rule Error warning to solve dialogs.
  • Option Rule Errors now highlighted in Red in Option Browser.
  • Now prompting user to Find/Replace option rules when Option Code is changed.
  • Interior Auto Dimensions now dimension to rough frame of walls instead of wall finish.
  • Added Exterior Opening Auto Dimension tool for dimensioning to Window and Door Left/Right/Center references.
  • Added Exterior Opening Auto Dims to Option Browser.
  • Added separate Preview Solve command. Now solves in active project and allows for editing with manual undo required.
  • Added Partial Preview Solve to solve for selected Scope Box Options. Only solves Scope Box Options, no other option types.
  • Added Primary Solve View setting.
  • Solve speeds increased for all Solve commands.
  • Speed up loading of Settings and Solve dialogs.
  • Now skipping “Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical System” objects during Scope Box Option solve (moving the system objects cause connected devices to move twice).
  • Now skipping Reference Points (aka Analytical Nodes) during solve.
  • Now skipping stacked wall members during solve (they are taken care of by parent wall).
  • Added time stamp to solve project progress dialog.
  • Added Quick Sheets tool to LotSpec Project Browser for quickly editing sheets.
  • Removed Source/Master project settings. LotSpec will always assume an active project is both Source & Master.


Version: 19.2.1

  • Now skipping Section Boxes during solve for Scope Box options (they were causing solve to error out).
  • Now skipping Edit-In-Place families during automatic interior dimensioning (they were causing solve to error out).
  • Now dimensioning to rough frame of wall for automatic interior dimensions (instead of wall finish).


Version: 19.2.0

  • Added View Template and View Scope Box in Export DWG settings.
  • Now adding (#) as needed to scope box names when saving scope box options (Revit 2019 does not allow duplicate scope box names).
  • Added valid filename check when selecting export views in settings.


Version: 19.1.1

  • Now disabling Export XRAY if Pipeline House Code & Name are not set.
  • Now using Pipeline House Code & Name for XRAY Option Set XML’s instead of Option Set Code & Name.


Version: 19.1.0

  • Now creating “OPTION SELECTIONS” sheets during solve for scheduling selected options.
  • Added “Reload CAD Link Paths” function to “Settings > Utilities” to update CAD paths after project moved.
  • Added browse buttons for Fine/Replace link paths.
  • Revised Find/Replace link paths to show errors in report when done instead of one at a time.
  • Added “Ignore Warnings without Resolutions” setting to allow skipping of noncritical warnings when solving.


Version: 19.0.0

  • Upgrade to Revit 2019.


Version: 1.0.22

  • Now showing all errors and warnings when solving project with Preview checked.


Version: 1.0.21

  • Added Export IFC checkbox to solve dialogs.
  • Added Lot View Sheet Set setting for publishing.
  • Added Disable setting to Batch Property Options.


Version: 1.0.20

  • Created Batch Option Tool for Property Options.


Version: 1.0.19

  • Create Option Browser tool.
  • Now creating lotspec.xml if does not exist when clicking Settings.


Version: 1.0.18

  • Added separate Property Option commands for Active View and Project Information.
  • Added Global Parameter Option tool in setting dialog.
  • Optimize code for faster loading of dialogs.


Version: 1.0.17

  • Hotfix: Fixed bug where Right Side Auto Dim spacing matched Left Side.


Version: 1.0.16

  • Added Find and Replace Option Rule command.


Version: 1.0.15

  • Revised XRAY collection format for Option Sets.


Version: 1.0.14

  • Revised XRAY collection formats.


Version: 1.0.13

  • Switched to QLM licensing system.


Version: 1.0.12

  • Server version update only.


Version: 1.0.11

  • Incorporated changes for XRAY version 18.2.


Version: 1.0.10

  • Now skipping nested family instances during all solve functions.
  • Now producing selected options CSV files in solved folder when solving project.


Version: 1.0.9

  • Now skipping pinned objects for all solving functions that attempt to transform object.


Version: 1.0.8

  • Added re-path CAD links utility to LotSpec settings dialog.
  • Added test rule feature to rule builder dialog.


Version: 1.0.7

  • Added “Mirror Project” functionality to Solve Project.
  • Added “Is Rotated Plan” setting to general settings (to determine mirror axis).
  • Enabled Transform Option tool for section and elevation views.


Version: 1.0.6

  • Discontinued automatic import of master set sheet views exported to DWG due to empty model space warning. Exported sheet view DWG’s should now be imported manually into master set sheets as needed.
  • In-Place option tools no longer prompt for additional selection if command initiated with preselected objects.


Version: 1.0.5

  • Changed reload CAD Links to “reload from” to assure reload from the current location if the project location has recently changed. This prevents duplicate CAD Link instances in Master Set views and “not found” CAD Links.
  • Integration with XRAY.
  • Fixed view parameter mapping bug with read-only target parameters.


Version: 1.0.4

  • Fixed bug with 45-degree scope box option labels.


Version: 1.0.3

  • Added Master Set View Parameter Mapping (step #4 in settings View tab).


Version: 1.0.2

  • Revised Export & Solve View setup to managing Solve Views per Export View.
  • Added top-level menus where right-click functions available.


Version: 1.0.1

  • Introduced linked DWG Master Set concept.
  • Introduced preview solve window, along with limit solve views.


Version: 1.0.0

  • Initial release.