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Revit 2022 Releases

LotSpec Dispatch 3.0.1

Released 1/20/2022


  • Fixed an issue for Lot jobs created from LotSpec Dispatch where the mirror plan setting was missing from the note file resulting in the incorrect display of the mirror project values when viewed within View Job Summary details.

  • Known Issue: Lot Jobs that are not created using LotSpec Dispatch will show incorrect mirror plan information when viewed from within the View Job Summary details, however the job will still process correctly with respect to intended mirror project settings. View Job Summary is available from within LotSpec Dispatch and the Remote Monitor feature for LotSpec for Revit.

LotSpec for Revit version 2022.1

Released 12/3/2021

New Features

Lot Job Solve

The Lot Job solve type delivers enhanced production level publishing automation to the Revit platform and aims to produce no touch lot specific results that are not achievable using the Project solve method today. LotSpec users can now predefine additional job details such as job name, job location, documentation output settings for PDF & DWF, project information parameter changes and more. When using Lotspec Remote, users can define email settings for job completion notification with attached documentation and can solve directly to LotSpec Remote without using LotSpec Dispatch.

Within the LotSpec Settings dialog, the Lot Job tab provides settings to control the available information and functionality of the Lot Job solve. LotSpec users can define which project parameters will be available within the job details list and which export sheet set(s) or PDF export setup(s) to use when creating documentation. Multiple sheet sets can be published at once to improve the efficiency of coordinating with various trades and LotSpec rules can be applied per sheet set to better handle scenarios where more or less sheets may be desired, such as alternate foundation types or optional second floors for example.

New Video: Solve Lot Job

Option Packages

Option Packages can drive multiple option selections at once to enforce established sales standards for community defaults or specification levels. Multiple Option Packages can be applied together while also allowing for additional individual option selections if needed. Option Packages can be organized by color to help visualize the source for certain option selections and to better understand potential conflicts due to underlying option rules.

New Video: Option Packages

Section & Elevation Marker Utility

The Section & Elevation Marker utility improves the handling of vertical view plane markers during the annotation process and will streamline how users select, move and interact with them. LotSpec users can easily select the view plane markers to be moved, set their default location so that they always return after being moved prior to solve, move view planes more precisely between 2 snapped points, open the selected view, duplicate the selected view and more.

New Video: Section & Elevation Marker Utility


  • A new Don’t Mirror toggle has been added to the Project Files tab within LotSpec Settings to disallow mirroring of a specified project file. This should be especially beneficial for those who manage project details in a separate project and do not wish for those details to be mirrored when using Multi-Project solve, even when the user chooses to Mirror within the solve dialog.
  • The LotSpec Settings dialog now includes a Remote tab to organize and define any settings related to LotSpec Remote usage if being used. Any Remote settings previously located under the General Settings tab have been moved to this new location.
  • Enhanced the Option Label “On” buttons to allow users to only show labels for selected elements as opposed to all elements within the view.
  • LotSpec Remote will now always prioritize pending Lot Job types over Option Set Job types so that the more time sensitive and business critical job types don’t get stuck behind potentially hours of drafting related updates that are already in the queue.
  • The LotSpec Dispatch utility has been updated to 3.0 to fully support the new Lot Job solve experience and Option Packages functionality for both the Revit and ACA platforms. LotSpec users will now have a common Lot Job submission experience across all LotSpec applications.
  • The LotSpec Dispatch utility job status display page has been reworked to present more job related information. Pending jobs can now be placed on hold and resumed at a later time. All jobs can now be archived for record keeping or removed without navigating to the queue folder to do so. The Remote Monitor feature within LotSpec for Revit will also reflect these status display adjustments.
  • The LotSpec Dispatch utility branding is now consistent with the LotSpec core products.


  • LotSpec will now prevent users from applying an Object Option to a Project Base Point, Survey Point, or Internal Origin Point. LotSpec will now also skip over the Internal Origin Point when solving scope box options to avoid the possibility of related errors.
  • LotSpec Remote will now properly suppress errors & warnings that are “suppressible” when solving Lot Jobs as it already does for Option Set Jobs which will help prevent LotSpec Remote from becoming frozen until manually resolved.

Upgrade Note

  • If using Pipeline X-RAY for comparison group work, customers must upgrade both LotSpec for Revit and Pipeline X-RAY to 2022.1 together for this release specifically.

LotSpec for Revit version 2022.0

Released 7/23/2021


  • LotSpec for Revit is now available for the Autodesk Revit 2022 platform.
  • LotSpec for Revit 2022 is now available in the Autodesk App Store as a Trial.
  • Created a dedicated command to apply an Object Option to an Active View and will appear in a drop down under Object Option types. Although this is not new functionality, it was not obvious that this Option method was supported in previous versions.
  • The Active View Property Option dialog will now provide visual feedback of which view is being targeted for improved validation.
  • Added a ‘Select’ button to existing Option tools to allow users to select additional elements to apply the Option to without having to rerun the command each time.